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Things to do in Ocean City: Holiday Shopping deals or an escape from holiday shopping

If you are in Ocean City this week, you may notice a couple of changes as you drive down Coastal Highway. The speed limit, normally 40 mph through North Ocean City, has been reduced to 30 mph, and Downtown, the speed limit has also been reduced. This is due to the expected, unauthorized H2Oi Pop-Up Rally.  It is reasonable to expect heavier than usual traffic, noise and strict enforcement of vehicle laws during the week and weekend.

It’s only the biggest shopping weekend of the year is all. Wielding the awesome might of the What to do in Ocean City column we could play the mischievous prankster and cajole or demand everyone get to Wal-Mart at 5 a.m. for a free cookies or some other knickknack of dubious existence. But we respect the power we have.

We’re also well aware we could succumb to the dark influence at pretty much any moment for any reason. These biceps we flex aren’t merely for show. However if we do eventually give into our dark passenger (on loan from Dexter Morgan) it’d have to be for something far funnier than that.
So, Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend coming up in Ocean City. As with many things and in many situations in a lot of ways Ocean City is an oasis from all the noise and clamor and din of the holiday. It often offers its own version of those events if you seek them out. Generally speaking it’s more fun in Ocean City than your neighborhood megamart.
The Roland E. Powell Convention Center is playing host to the Holiday Shopper’s fair this weekend. So it’s a particularly Ocean City take on bazaar shopping. It’s bound to have interesting and one-of-a-kind gift ideas not widely available. Vendors will gather at the Convention Center from all around the area: photos, nautical items, floral arrangements will be available. Everyone is going to be vying for your shopping dollar this weekend, but this fair will have some truly original items that might find its way onto your shopping list.
Especially if you have someone in your life that is really hard to either shop for or please.
If your Black Friday shopping in Ocean City strategy is one of total avoidance, well, we can offer you that thing to do too. The nightclubs, the bars and restaurants are all open (the ones that usually are in any case) and many of the hotels and motels are running specials for this time of year.
But if you want to get just a little farther away, just down the road the small town of Berlin will be lighting up the night in a couple of ways. First, quite literally, since the town is lighting its Christmas tree that night. The other way is to play host to the annual Holiday Arts night. Main Street will be closed, the shops and galleries will be open and art will be everywhere in sight. It’s really a splendid event near Ocean City and really exemplifies what it means to be in a small town on the Eastern Shore. Local artists we be showcased at one or more of the local shops that will be open later than normal, performances will abound and the tone is set for a nice calm relaxing evening downtown in one of the most picturesque towns for miles.
Sounds like a good escape, doesn’t it? And if you only want to dabble, well we’ve got that too at the Shopper’s Fair in Ocean City. We can give a lot or a little – because all the holiday shopping comforts of home are to be found here, but they can also be avoided entirely if you so choose. Again we’re polishing off the old seasonally appropriate chestnut of “have it your way” because it’s what Ocean City and the surrounding towns do best. Give us a chance to show you this year.     
NEXT WEEK: A couple of Christmas traditions begin anew

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