the Matt Landon Photography Interview

the Matt Landon Photography Interview

Name: Matthew H. Landon


Age: 21


Background: : Born and raised in Ocean City, going on a lot of surf trips I never had a decent camera to shoot with, but this past winter I went to Puerto Rico with my dad for a month and that’s when I made the leap to get a DSLR, since then I’ve been hooked on it. Worcester county offers so much to shoot.


Types of photography: Recently a lot of landscape and night photography, but always surf.


Type of equipment: Nikon d3200 18-55mm, 55-200mm, and a Minolta srt101 35mm, film is always fun to play around with.


Favorite thing about Worcester County to photograph in general: The desolation of Assateague, so many things to take pictures of. It’s beautiful down there, miles and miles to hike and explore.


If someone wants to get in touch to have you shoot, what is the best way to do so? or

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