Thanksgiving in Ocean City

Have you made your list of things needed for Thanksgiving:

  • turkey
  • sweet potatoes
  • stuffing
  • cranberry sauce
  • corn
  • gravy
  • green bean casserole

Dining and Hotels for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday to celebrate in Ocean City, Md. Depending on your pleasure, you could scoop up your family & friends, and cook a Thanksgiving meal in a home you rent for the occasion, or you could leave the cooking and the cleaning up to the professionals. Many hotels and restaurants offer great packages. Either solution brings you and your loved ones to the ocean! Finding a reason to be thankful, will be easy as the beauty of the beach and waves surrounds you.

5 Reasons to Spend Thanksgiving in Ocean City

Beach in November

The beach is often populated with more seagulls than people during Thanksgiving, which is a bonus for you! A walk on the beach may require a jacket and scarf instead of the staple towel and sunscreen of the summer, but the sound of the waves is the same. Contingent on the temperature you may still be able to wear flip-flops, and get to feel the sand between your toes! Anytime of year is the best time of year for the beach!

Guide to Thanksgiving in Ocean City 2019

Winterfest Starts Before Thanksgiving

During the Thanksgiving holiday be sure to visit Winterfest. Held in Northside Park, on 125th St., this event is a great part of the your Thanksgiving weekend.  The park is decorated with thousands of lights with homage to the Twelve Days of Christmas and other holiday traditions. Buy tickets to ride through the park and see this visual masterpiece. Shopping at the Winterfest Village pavilion is a nice way to grab a memento of the occasion or begin to cross your Christmas packages off your list. The Village also serves hot chocolate; come and make memories!

When you’re walking to the Winterfest line from the parking lot, it’s always a pleasure to see the marlin leaping over the “Winterfest of Lights” display. You can feel the cold as well as smell it, but that’s the fin of the whole thing.

Winterfest in Ocean City

Sand & Boards -The Perfect Pairing

Thanksgiving and Ocean City are both meant to be enjoyed with those you care about! True, you won’t be able to visit every business on the boardwalk during November, but you will be able to walk on every board while holding the hand of those most dear. Book your time now and start traditions that will create memories that last a lifetime.