Take advantage of activities going on in and around Ocean City

Irish Kemp

(Sept. 6, 2013) Live and learn and keep your mouth shut? Not this scribe. I let my fingers do the walking and talking. It’s all a part of an old age, learning experience. I’ve been asked why I attend these events if bingo ain’t my game. Since when is not liking bingo a crime? Is there a “thou shalt ”not like”, bingo, commandment?

Folks, disliking a national pastime can’t compare to not socializing or attending fundraisers. Be happy, don’t worry. Take advantage of the body- and soul-saving fun events that abound around our town.

Seek and ye ‘ shall find. Redskin fans are everywhere around our town. Win or lose, BJ ‘s on the Water has hosted Redskin fans for years. BJ’s rocks. Billy and Maddy Carder are outstanding, not only for their Teenage Rust band that has entertained at many a fundraiser, but for their giving of their own personal time and money to make our town “de place to be “for locals over the years.

Congratulations also to Bev Furst and her crew for their recent, extremely successful, conquer cancer, fundraiser. So many of the younger locals, such as Stephanie Meehan and her friends, the ever-so-generous Stansel family and the “Poor Girls Open, participants strive keep up this this town’s reputation as shakers and movers when it comes to charitable works.

I’d be remiss not to mention former Poor girl participant and dancer in the famous Broadway Rockettes, Rita Villani. Rita volunteered many an hour to teach our group of Ocean City ‘s freshly retired how to tap dance and make the right moves to a score of Broadway show tunes.

We performed in all the Springfest and Sunfest shows and in and around Worcester County. I’m sure Rita put in many a 40-hour week. Rita was also an active member of the Ocean City Fire and Rescue squad. Happy birthday and many happy returns. Thanks, Rita, for all you’ve done to make retiring in OC so wonderful.

Speaking of special events, you’ll be sorry if you miss the Art Exhibit at the Ocean City Senior Center 41st and bay on Monday. Sept. 16, 9 a.m. ‘til? All paintings shown will be by local artists, many of whom took their first steps into the world of art under the guidance of award-winning local artist Jodi Veader.

Two very talented gifted women, Rita and Jodi. They were both capable of uprooting the most hidden of talents. You’ll be amazed at how many talented artists we have in our town.

New in town and want to be found? What a wonderful opportunity to check out the center and meet new friends. I’m sure this show will give you a whole new outlook on life as a retiree.

Just ask Sarah Gray, Julie Stricker, Bernie and Geri Bowerman, Barbara Giles, Jodi Hoffman, Mary Kirtley, Jim and Helen Geslois or Richard and Pat Cooke, who are probably out celebrating their golden one this month. Congratulations, kids. OC is a cool place to set down roots. AARP meetings are held the second Thursday of the month at the local Elks Lodge, second floor. C U IN OC TODAY.


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