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The Delmarva Peninsula is home to one of the greatest wave riding communities on the entire East Coast, and boasts some of the best waves on the Atlantic seaboard. Typically, when you think of great surfing you think of California, Hawaii, Costa Rica, or even Florida. Over the last few years, however, our shores have received national publicity due, in large part, to spectacular photography that has highlighted how tremendous our waves and surfing conditions can be. While the Delmarva coast may not be as consistent as some of the previously named surfing epicenters, wave riding conditions along Ocean City, Assateague, Chincoteaguse, and the Delaware beaches can be as “world class” as it gets when all the stars a line.


Our beaches have produced two of the most successful professional wave riders ever from the East Coast- Brian Stoehr and Jay Reale- along with a number of other incredibly talented and notable surfers as well. Why? Maybe there is something in the water. Maybe it’s the impressive surfing culture. Or maybe it’s a combination of many factors. Regardless of the reason, we are proud to say our slice of paradise has contributed greatly to the world of wave riding and helped move the sport forward.


When talking about surfing, many people forget what the sport actually encompasses. Surfing, by definition is “the art of riding waves” and the sport is is all about having fun by enjoying and understanding the ocean.


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