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SURFING REGULATIONS: When you think about Ocean City, do you think about surfing? Like other beaches, Ocean City is known for surfing. However, due to the large crowds during the summer months, surfing is not permitted between 10am and 5:30pm (when the lifeguards are in the stands), except for the designated surfing beaches. Every day there is one street uptown and one street downtown that allows surfing the entire day. In addition, there is one section of beach along the inlet intended for surfing from Monday through Friday with the exception of major holidays. The surf beaches rotate daily and schedules can be found below:

SURF BEACH LOCATIONS/ROTATIONS: 2012, provided by the Ocean City Beach Patrol 

SURF SHOPS: Both tourists and locals interested in surfing have plenty of options on where to get their surf gear. There are surf shops that line Coastal Highway. Some of the stores include: Malibus, K-Coast, K-Coast Girl, Chauncey’s, Endless Summer, Surfer Guy and Girl. For those people who have the desire to surf, lessons are recommended and are offered many places in Ocean City. To see a list of surf shops in Ocean City, click here:

SURFING LESSONS: Malibus, for example, holds surf lessons in the summer. Lessons are available in the morning from or in the evening. A session includes a board and wetsuit for the duration of the lesson. A half an hour is spent on land learning safety rules and the basics of surfing. Then an hour of the lesson is spent in the water surfing. Most people that take lessons are between the ages of 12 and 16, but lessons can be given to someone as young as 6 and as old as 60. To see a list of surf shops in Ocean City, click here:

SURF & SWELL FORECAST RESOURCES: A true surfer is no stranger to the “ultimate surf forecasting site”, swellinfo.com. The website provides a five day surf forecast, allowing surfers to plan their week of surfing. The weather plays a major role on whether or not surfers hit the beach. Surfing experts are always aware of which way the wind is blowing and at what time high tide and low tide are. Locally, check out the webcams at OceanCity.com/SeeOC for the best live feeds of the best breaks in town.


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  1. Tehre are several places that offer Ocean City surf lessons that are not associated with surf shops located in Ocean City. My school has provided lessons in OC for years but my shop is on the Bay closer to Washington DC.


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