County briefs 4/24

County health plan

Keeping the existing healthcare plan offered to current employees of the county would cost 11.1 percent more than last year, or $3.4 million according to county HR Director George Bradley.

In light of the situation three options were developed. The first recommended by the health benefits review committee would increase the cost by 6.85 percent, or $2.1 million, with a projected savings of $1.3 million. The second would increase cost by 6.1 percent, or $1.9 million, with a projected savings of $1.5 million. Finally, the third would not increase costs at all, saving $3.4 million, but would likely increase costs over time, Bradley said.

The commissioners chose to ignore the recommendation of the committee and selected the second option.

County recertified

Certified counties are entitled to keep 75 percent of the agricultural transfer tax collected rather than 33 percent, and are also eligible for 60 percent additional matching funds to purchase easements, when such funding is available.

The cost to recertify is about $8,700.

If not recertified, those taxes collected in Worcester County will go to other counties who are certified for use in this program.

Commissioner Ted Elder voted against recertification.

Power Boat Race

The Offshore Power Boat Association National Championship Offshore Power Boat Race will be finished in the amount of time it took to type this sentence.

The October event comes to the shore every other year according to Tourism Director Lisa Challenger, and brings with it an estimated crowd of 6,000.

The county granted permission to use a portion of the West Ocean City commercial harbor parking lot during the event.

CBDG plan approved

The county must maintain a citizen participation plan to disseminate information on how the county’s $800,000 in grants funding has been spent.

The plan must be updated every three years, and the current plan will expire on May 1. The commissioners approved the updated plan, which includes newspaper advertisements and paper copies available in Snow Hill.

DLC wins exclusive rights

Craft Wine and Spirits LLC has signed a one-year contract with the Department of Liquor Control to be the exclusive vendor for their line of products.

Craft Wine and Spirits formerly utilized Republic National as their distributor.

DLC Director Bobby Cowger estimates profits from the sales to be about $75,000.

Consultant hired

Because of the time-sensitive nature of construction at Eagle’s Landing, where the effluent from the Mystic Harbour WWTP is to be disposed of, the county chose to hire their preferred consultant to design the system before the money has come in from the USDA.

The money will be reimbursed once the permanent funding has been allocated.

Electrical code tabled

Several commissioners found the revised electrical codes too vague, especially with regards to low-volt systems, and decided to table the measure until their next legislative session on May 19.

E-1 zoning to be restored

If the legislation takes effect after a public hearing on May 19, watercraft storage will be coming back to the E-1 zoning district.

The use was removed in anticipation of the elimination of the E-1 zoning classification, but it was never eliminated, so the use is being restored.

House ceded to Snow Hill

It is the intention of the Worcester County to declare the Oscar Purnell house, located at 107 East Market Street in Snow Hill, surplus property, granting it to Snow Hill.

Snow Hill Mayor J. Charlie Dorman said the town would renovate the building to serve as a new Town Hall.


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