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T.J. Maxx coming to ‘premier’ Gold Coast Mall in Aug.

(March 6, 2015) Months of rumor and speculation ended earlier this week when Gold Coast Mall owner Fred Wine confirmed a signed multi-year lease with T.J. Maxx to open a store in August at the 115th Street and Coastal Highway complex.

Wine said the mall had to deliver the space to the retailer in 30-60 days. “We’ve had to relocate a bunch of tenants, everyone is in flux,” Wine said.

Admitting he “doesn’t control everything,” Wine said all of the permitting and other construction formalities were in order, so everything was moving along satisfactorily.

Wine said once his construction project, currently operating on schedule, is finished preparing the space for the retailer, T.J. Maxx will also be performing construction to prepare the new store to open. According to Wine, the preparation efforts have cost “hundreds of thousands.”

“I’m positive about it, it’s great to bring in a larger customer base and give more exposure to us,” Peebles Store Manager Donna Quindardo said.

“Everything is getting done. The dust can be trouble, but it will be good for the mall,” Nancy Coulbourne of Gold by the Inch said.

“I’m happy everyone is excited about it. I think it will definitely be worth it. Change is good,” Gold Coast Gym owner Tammy China said.

Wine, who has owned the mall since 1996 in partnership with other individuals, said, “the season is from May onwards, so we want everyone in place and ready to roll by May.”

“We view ourselves as the premier mall in Ocean City, and we’re excited to continue to serve our local and tourist customers. We’re always looking to better our offerings, and I think this is a pretty good example of that,” Wine said.

T.J. Maxx could not be reached for comment.

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