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Worcester County recreation fees to jump $5 on July 1

(Jan. 23, 2015) Most, but not all, recreation fees for county government-sponsored programs will see a modest increase as of July 1.

One exception is summer camps, because they begin earlier than the start of the next fiscal year and so their rates will increase by $5 effective June 1.

Other exceptions include the following youth programs: after-school tennis, tennis camp, after-school track, track camp and toddler gym. Those fees will remain the same.

Adult programs such as recreational or drop-in basketball, soccer and volleyball will see no increase for a one-time session or seasonal fees. These fees will also remain the same.

Non-program fees such as setup and lining for baseball or softball fields or the multi-purpose field are seeing a more substantial jump.

These fees are intended to recoup some of the expense of the effort involved, not to show a profit, Parks Director Paige Hurley said.

The fee for baseball field setup and lining had been $5, and is raised to $15. Hurley said Ocean City charges $78 per field for such work, and Wicomico County includes setup in the field rental fee.

The multi-purpose field fee is raised to $50 per field from $25. Hurley said Ocean City charges $137, while Wicomico County also includes this setup in the field rental fee.

Hurley said there were a number of occasions during 2014 when the users left the facilities in conditions unsuitable to the return of a $200 security deposit. To remedy this, the county will require a site coordinator to be present for all events featuring four or more teams.

The coordinator, a title applied to existing staff and not representing new county employees, will help ensure the facilities remain in a condition where the user can be in a position to have a deposit returned.

Ocean City, Hurley said, is looking into requiring a coordinator and Wicomico County already requires one. The charge for the coordinator will be $15 per hour, and can be billed against the deposit the coordinator is on site intending to preserve.

According to Hurley, fees have not been raised since 2012.

The commissioners voted unanimously to adopt the proposed rate structures.

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