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Sunset Grille in West Ocean City

Sunset Grille in West Ocean City started the budget lunch craze and they are GOOD at it.  This restaurant is located in Sunset Marina in West Ocean City.  It is open year-round and is surrounded by lush tropical hibiscus, palm trees, mandevilla, and every other tropical mood-setting plant known to the East Coast nurseries.  The luxury yachts docked just outside the restaurant add to the opulent marine atmosphere.  The fact that you can see Ocean City across the bay with it’s white roller coaster and high rise hotels only adds to the view and the ambience.  Teasers is an outside bar only open in the summer that is packed with locals, fishermen, and visitors alike, all enjoying a drink and the live music played nightly.

Years ago, Sunset Grille decided to attract the locals with a weekday only $5 lunch special.  It started with multiple options and was available only in the off season.  Then, they extended the offer through the season, still only weekday, but limiting the choices.  Now the choices are varied — at least five each day — and the price is still $5.  This gets you a GREAT homemade lunch that is hard to duplicate at home for the same price.  The other day, a group of us met there and had buffalo barbecued chicken on a kaiser roll served with fresh fruit, panco encrusted tilapia served with sauteed vegetables, and ravioli in a wonderful sauce served with a side salad.  Each of these dishes was $5 and each was good.  Sometimes the portions are small and you can never make substitutions, but the price is worth it. Beware ordering drinks and desserts if you want to keep the price down as these are priced to the season and can double your bill very quickly.

Regardless of whether you go for the special or for one of the many options on their regular menu, you won’t be disappointed in the food.  It is always good and makes for one of the most enjoyable places to eat in Ocean City proper.  The fact that it is located outside the melee of the island itself only adds to its value.  The normal Happy Hours are great as well.  I’ve gotten better prices on steamed, spiced shrimp than anywhere in Ocean City.  Their mojitos are the best around.  If you don’t like them sweet, just ask them to tone the simple syrup down and they’ll make your drink expressly to your taste and/or instructions.  The evening stop for martini’s in their indoor bar is a great way to spend a winter evening.  It is cozy, reminiscent of Bali, and you can choose from a wide variety of drinks whose names are as interesting and imagination provoking as any in town.  The Latin Lover — a smooth concoction of dark and creamy liquors — was my friend’s favorite.

My kids love going here as well and it is welcoming to well-behaved kids at all times.  My children prefer the booths upstairs where you have access to a personal TV at each table.  There are only three and they are seated on a first come, first served basis,  so plan to arrive when the crowds are down. I recommend lunch or early dinner as the best times.  You might not choose to come late with kids, but we’ve never felt that they were out of place.  Teaser’s is NOT the choice location for the children, however.

The staff is always friendly and welcoming.  That is saying something in this town in the summer, so if you are visiting Ocean City, whether it is in the summer or the off-season, make Sunset Grille one of your stops.  I love it for lunch, but Happy Hour, dinner, and drinks are all great too.

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  1. Wow!  Sounds like someplace I’d like to go.  I wonder if there’s any chance we could get Sunset Grille included in our “Sand Dollar” program.


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