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Photo Submission Process

Welcome to the submission page where you can tell your best Ocean City story in pictures that best capture your Ocean City experience.

Please upload your favorite Ocean City photos one picture at a time (note: at least 900 pixels either high or wide is the ideal size. The Bigger the photo the better!

We also take descriptions into account, so make sure to write a  great description telling us:

  1. WHERE you took the picture. Anywhere in Worcester County is fine.
  2. WHEN the picture was taken- please be as specific as possible.
  3. WHO and/or WHAT is in the picture. Please help us out by including one or more of the categories most relevant to your picture: Beach, Assateague, Boardwalk, Kids, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars/Nightlife, Watersports, Amusements, Things to Do, Events, Sunrises, Sunsets, Craft Beer, Pets, On the Water.
  4. Finally, please add your name and email to the description, so we can stay in touch with you. (We will never share your email with anybody.)

Keep submitting photos and we will keep putting sharing them on!

Please don’t forget to include your contact information as well as the photo information (date, place, etc.). We can’t select photos without an email address at the very least, but you also are welcome and encouraged to include a caption and a place identifier for the photo.

Feet in the sand
Feet in the sand


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