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Reading Mr. (John) Allen’s reply does not make me sleep easier. I would expect his answer to be dismissive and somewhat condescending, as he is a regional vice president of Delmarva Power. I urge interested persons to go to the Smart Meter American Cancer Society site, as well as the Maryland Smart Meter Awareness site, and form their own opinions.

For those who want to opt out of this program there are two bills that will be voted on in early March, providing for that option without the utility company charging a penalty, which they are proposing to do. The bills are SB880 and HB332. Call your Maryland representatives and state senator and let them know how you feel about this matter.

I am a bit weary of hearing the argument that something will not harm us as much as something that is already a part of our lives. Do we really need any more radiation emitted into our environment than we already have?

My own suspicions about smart meters are founded on how my home in Ocean City became equipped with one of these. One day as I was going about my business, I heard a loud rattling and banging outside one of my bedroom windows. I screamed for my husband to investigate what was happening, and the conclusion was that a smart meter had been installed. After telling the Delmarva technician that we had never been informed of this, and that we wanted our old meter put back, we were told we would have to write a letter and request an opt out form.

I believe Delmarva and many utility companies throughout the country are performing this switch for their own benefit, and doing very little to let their customers know what the controversy is all about.  As a result of this annoyance, and the feeling of having my privacy already breached by Delmarva, I felt compelled to write this reply and to inform all with whom I come in contact about the problems with the smart meter.

In closing, I would add that my February bill with the smart meter attached was $461. My January bill was $237. When I called about this almost double billing, I was told it was colder, the January bill was estimated, and the smart meter is more accurate. I keep my heat on 66 degrees, my house is 1600 square feet, and only my husband and I live here. Form your own conclusions about how it’s saving us money.

Dee Matthews

Ocean City

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  1. Sandaura

    Hi Dee,

    I visited Ocean City while staying in Berlin. We stayed a week two times in 2010. I noticed the meters were there then. We stayed at a time share where they were on every building. I became ill from the radiation levels while there. I could hear the noise pollution and had to sleep with headphones playing ocean waves on a loop.
    It was crazy. I got an ear infection (never had before), vertigo, headaches and was light sensitive as a result.

    Are you working with the MD activist group? I would like to share my petition with you and hope you will also circulate for signatures. The petition encompasses both the physical and audible pollution which also results in a negative physical impact. Thank you.


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