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Snow on the Beach in Ocean City, Maryland

OK.  They are predicting up to 5 inches of Snow for Saturday.  Here’s your chance to pack up the kids and the hot chocolate and head to Ocean City.  I’m going to show you the beach with 1/2 inch of snow.  Just imagine sitting in your oceanfront room on the 10th floor at the Grand Hotel.  Your kids are playing in the indoor pool, playing shuffleboard, or moving the lifesize chess pieces on the indoor board.  Your husband is in the indoor fitness center and you are sipping hot chocolate by the window and watching the snow fall on the beach.  Forget cedars!  You can barely see the ferris wheel through the large fluffy flakes.  You see the lights glimmering through the snow and the waves lapping the beach, creating a zone between surf and sand that is devoid of snow.  The rest of the beach as it stretches towards the famous Ocean City Boardwalk and you is white.  The water looks thick and COLD, but no worries.  You are warm and dry and your kids are having the best weekend they have had since the cold weather set in.  The best part is that the entire weekend is costing very little due to the great deals you can get in Ocean City, MD in the winter.  

I bet you just can’t wait to pack up your stuff and head to the beach.  Do it today, however, since you don’t want to drive when the roads are treacherous.  You’d much rather be enjoying your hot chocolate with a front row seat to the Atlantic Ocean as it’s sprinkled with snow. 

If you need a place to stay, click here to help you find the best deal, but don’t delay.  The snow is coming!


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  1. I’ve been watching the webcams all day.  At times you couldn’t tell Coastal Highway from the sidewalks!  And the highways weren’t fairing much better.  But the boardwalk was so neat covered in snow, as was the beach. 

    Living where I do, I’m glad we missed this one. For once, it wasn’t us shoveling out. Enjoy the snow.

  2. My family and I love OC Maryland we have been coming there for about 20 years. Every year around late July early August. I envy those of you who live in the area it is my favorite place to be. There have been times that i wanted to just jump in the car and come down for the day. OC Maryland iis not just a vacation it is a way of life for me. 🙂


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