Skateboarding a hazard on boards



We believe that a recent incident we experienced makes a strong case for broadening the ban on skateboards on the Boardwalk.

On Wednesday, May 20 at 2:45 p.m. my 73-year-old wife was walking south from Thrasher’s with her French fries when she was struck from behind by a fast moving skate boarder who admitted that he was not looking where he was going. After considerable distress and evaluation by EMT’s my wife was transported to Atlantic General Hospital where x-rays revealed that she suffered a broken left hip.

She required surgery and the insertion of three titanium screws to repair the break and is now undergoing rehabilitation treatment and looking forward to extended physical therapy over the summer. While admittedly this is a sample of one, we feel that the likelihood of recurrence is high.

The consequences of an incident like this can be devastating, especially for the elderly and the very young who frequent the Boardwalk.

John Pilcicki

Solomons, Md.


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