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Shop offers alternatives to traditional tobacco products

(Oct. 3, 2014) Locally owned and operated, Damokee Vapor is the latest area shop to offer modern alternatives to traditional tobacco products.

Locally owned and operated, Damokee Vapor in Ocean Pines sells e-liquids, mods, batteries, tanks and more. (JOSH DAVIS – PHOTO)

Opened in September, the Ocean Pines shop sells e-liquids, mods (the modules that hold the other elements) batteries and tanks.

Owner Jason Budler said he was initially skeptical about vapor products.

“About two years ago a friend of mine came into work with an electronic cigarette and at first I made fun of him for the way it looked and I didn’t think it was going to work for me,” he said. “I tried the patch and gum and everything they had out and it just wasn’t working for me. Then I tried exactly what he had and it worked great. Two years later I decided to put my money into something good that I hope is going to help a lot of people around here.”

Budler said he prefers vapor to e-cigarettes.

“I tried those little blue cigarettes when I was trying to quit and it just didn’t work for me,” he said. “The battery life isn’t there, the vapor reduction isn’t there. If you compare it to some of the more advanced stuff now, it just blows it away.”

“Vaping” reduces carcinogens and tar associated with smoking and allows users to manage their levels of nicotine.

“You can control the amount you get and drop it down as you like,” he said. “But the biggest difference between vapor and the patch or the gum is the throat hit. I like smoking – I like the act of smoking – so this really got my oral fixation needs and my throat-hit needs and everything that goes along with that.”

Initial costs can range from $25 to $120.

Damokee Vapors in Ocean Pines carries 30 difference varieties of electronic liquids, including strawberry kiwi. (JOSH DAVIS – PHOTO)

“The initial upfront cost I compare to a carton of cigarettes,” said Budler. “After that, it costs me maybe $12 a week of just buying the coils and the liquid. You compare that to $7 a day (with cigarettes) and that’s significantly less.”

Damokee carries 30 different flavors, including a house blend, as well as several different brands.

“We’re really looking to expand to try to cater to the local vaping community,” Budler said. “If they want a specific flavor we’ll go after it and get it for them. Right now, we have our own house line and Suicide Bunny, we’re going to bring in their parent company, King’s Crown, in the future, and we’re talking to two other major brands to bring in.

“In the future, we’re going to have a large selection of premium brands for customers to come in and enjoy,” Budler continued. “We’re going to have a little lounge set up for customers with TVs up. Really, I’m hoping for the best. Our prices are the lowest around here, and I think once the local community comes and sees it they’ll continue to be customers.”

Damokee Vapor is located 11022 Nicholas Lane #3. For more information, call 410-208-1326 or visit www. damokee.com.

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