Shocked? Well, not particularly


People who didn’t expect to see newly elected Councilman Matt James surging at least close to the top of the ballot before Tuesday’s election, failed to notice the momentum he began to gain in the final weeks of the contest.

For a variety of reasons, including a great deal of hard work by him and his team of supporters, his campaign shifted gears in mid-October almost as if it moved from  a campaign to a cause.

Running as an independent candidate certainly aided and may even have spurred that effort, as it was evident from Tuesday’s results that the voting public is not as enamored of the full ticket approach to local politics as it was in the 2012 municipal election.

And that was something of an anomoly, since that election was mostly about exacting revenge for the dismissal of City Manager Dennis Dare earlier in the year by the then City Council majority.

This time, there was no galvanizing issue or agenda to fashion into a campaign theme and it all came down to good people running against other good people, with the winners succeeding on their own merits.

That’s a good thing for residents, taxpayers and the resort overall, as any elected official’s first allegiance should be to the voters who put them there, while proving to those who voted otherwise that their concerns will be heard as well.

While no one can predict what a City Council will do or how it will do it, this new lineup has the potential to be a good one. We look forward to seeing that happen.

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