Senior Slant 12/07/12

Submitted to Ocean City Today by Irish Kemp

(Dec. 7, 2012) Ya gotta give a little, live a little, that’s the story of, that’s the glory of Christmas. No more last minute cutting out sugar cookies or trips to Murphy’s 5 & 10 for a missing stocking. Kathy’s old stocking is embossed with “If this old broad bakes cookies, these days, you best believe they’re not for an exchange party.”

While family members spend hours out searching for a specific present for the kids who have everything, the Kemps are wending their way merrily around the town’s fun fundraising party circuit.

Circulating, congregating, churching, perching or participating in the parade or winter festival activities around town, I found Mary Jane Maxwell, the Shusters and Hansens, Nick and Jane Bartolomeos, Chuck and Peg Burnett, the Demarcos, Ron and Peg Baunchalk, Dean and Kathy Foote, Dick and Kathy Kahn, Ceil Addicks, Neil and Kathy Foote, Cathy Bocci, Bill Taylor, Angela Rossetti and Dolores, of course.

Town folks don’t waste time worrying about falling off the fiscal cliff. Missing that last step, maybe? They spend their spare time trying to help the area’s less fortunate.

Trust me, I’m a sorry sight in the early morn. When I opened the garage door to retrieve the Post at 7:30 a.m. the other day, I unwittingly stepped out in the midst of what seemed to be the entire Public Works Department and equipment. Dressed in my mismatched, oversized purple pjs with totally spiked hair and bare feet, I’m sure I looked exactly like the old gal that pops up in my mirror from time to time. To say the guys were bodaciously, humongously discombobulated would be putting it mildly. Sorry guys, I’ll look before I leap from this day forward. Real class, these gents. They acted as tho they didn’t see nuthin. My words, not theirs.

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