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Seacrets honey mustard hits stores

By Liz Lane



(June 7, 2013) Seacrets founder Leighton Moore stood in the kitchen of his new restaurant 25 years ago creating a sauce for the first time. Customers wanted one for the jerk chicken but Moore knew he had never made any kind of sauce before. Today, Moore’s popular honey mustard sauce has been bottled and is being sold in more than 150 Giant grocery stores throughout Maryland, Delaware, Washington D.C., and Virginia.

“When I invented it I had no idea what I was doing,” Moore said. “I just happened on something different than other sauces out there.”

Moore began by simply stirring together honey and mustard. He said that “didn’t taste very good.” Moore then mixed and added other, secret ingredients to coin the gluten-free, 100 percent pure, clover honey product Seacrets customers still love today.

“I was trained to write things down so I was able to make it again,” he said. “The recipe has never changed.”

Moore said he started selling the sauce in bottles two months ago at the restaurant because the customers wanted to take the mild and sweet flavor home. He said the 49th Street restaurant could barely keep up with the high demand.

“They kept asking, ‘Can you put that in a cup? Can you put that in a bottle? To-go container? A coffee cup?’” he said. “I thought I might as well bottle it up and I might as well get paid for it.”

Moore said he is excited about the new business venture, which is part of a larger project to put more products on grocery shelves, including frozen jerk chicken, jerk marinade and Blood Mary mix.

The Seacrets Honey Mustard launched about a week ago in Giant stores and the 16-ounce bottle sells for $5.99. The restaurant’s Facebook page offers a chance to win a Seacrets Party Package and year’s supply of the sauce.

“When patrons started walking off with the product, I knew we needed to get it on grocery store shelves so our Ocean City customers could enjoy its unique taste right at home no matter that time of year,” Moore said.

For more information, visit www.seacretshoneymustard.com.

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