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Ryan Owen Photography

Name: Ryan Owen


Age: 32


Background: I have been shooting wildlife since I could hold a camera. In college I dropped out of engineering to become the Photo Editor of the UMD Diamondback Independent Paper. That allowed me to shoot the Peach Bowl, Orange Bowl, The NCAA Champion Terps basketball team and many other high profile events including the Presidential Campaigns. Post grad I attended Brooks Institute of Photography where I worked in a studio helping other students learn lighting techniques. I have also worked for several Gannett publications as a professional.


Types of photography: Well… I have been shooting a lot of surf photography, of course. Food photography. Architectural photography. More and more though I have been drifting towards really long exposures. An hour or more late at night. I like how you can actually capture the Earth spinning and the stars moving. Water starts to look really cool too after that long. And I just setup a studio so hopefully I’ll be doing a lot of portraiture in the near future.


Type of equipment: Nikon! My rig is pretty beat up from shooting on beaches and marshes in the middle of the night so I don’t really have any nice things. An assortment of lenses. A D300 body. Some good filters. ND’s are a must. But mostly duct tape, rubber bands and black construction paper.


Favorite thing about Worcester County to photograph in general: The old stuff. The falling down farms or twisted trees. The water ways in the marshes. Desolate beaches. Waves. Stuff that looks like humans haven’t touched it in a long time.


To get in touch with Ryan Owen, email him at rowen80@hotmail.com.


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