Rumble grumble but it’s necessary


As annoying as it might be to many residents along the coast, the mass gathering of motorcycle enthusiasts falling under the title of Bike Week is one big financial booster shot as the season winds down.

It is not as if the resort doesn’t need the additional income. The summer report on business this year was that it was another up-and-down season, or, more appropriately, a down-and-up season, with it ending much better than it began.

Nevertheless, one local operator summed it up best when asked how his summer went: “I’ll be eating meat this winter, but I won’t be buying a new car,” he said.

We have had a number of those kinds of seasons in the past few years and there are many theories as to why that is. But the one fact everyone should be able to agree on is that just getting by year after year is not what anyone wants.

That’s what makes events such as Bike Week important. It and all its components add a few more days to what otherwise is a six-week period when local businesses make the bulk of their money for the year. This event keeps restaurants, shops and hotels busy at a time when they otherwise would be scaling back or even preparing to close.

As much as the sound of silence is appreciated by just about anyone who lives here, silence doesn’t pay anyone’s bills in this town. It’s perfectly acceptable not to like all the noise, but unless someone comes up with a way to finance our overall operation without drawing a crowd, or making noise or creating traffic, this event and others like it are just part of living here.

To employ the cliché, you have to make hay while the sun shines. There will be plenty of quiet soon enough and too soon for some.



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