Romancing the bay

Romancing the bay

You could consider this a follow up from the previous piece I wrote about Valentines day or simply read it as an independent post. I believe it fits in both slots. Admittedly, this one’s aimed slightly more towards the guys. So ladies, feel free to share it with the man in your life.
Fellas: Valentines day is not just approaching. When it comes to trip planning, it’s the 11th hour, 59th minute!!! Truth is, for those of us who work (yes some people still do this), a minimal notice of two weeks is required, for requesting time off. Although this year, you may be able to circumvent that situation, as long as you don’t mind wrapping your stay up on Sunday evening… This wouldn’t work for me, and quite frankly feels a bit rushed. So what’s the solution?
Plan a romantic trip, for later on in the month. A lot of hotels are running Valentines Day specials the entire month of February. Simply go online find the cheapest place to stay, make a reservation, print off your confirmation, and slide it inside a box of chocolates – easy enough right??? Not exactly, after all keep in mind this move is a preemptive strike in order to show that special someone in your life how much they mean to you. This means you’ll need to put some serious thought into it, or you can take the easy way out, and let me do all the heavy lifting for you. The fact that your still reading tells me your answer, but that’s ok, I’ve got you covered, just keep reading.
 Fagers Island

Location, Location, Location

So when booking a place, you’ll need to rewire that part of your brain that you usually use for planning a beach vacation. This is not a summer vacation with the kiddos, where you need to worry about how far you’re going to have to drag that boogie board. Different areas of Ocean City offer different things, and since this is a romantic getaway, I invite you to think outside the box and consider a stay on the bay. Yes, the bay. While there’s nothing wrong with staying oceanfront, or anywhere else for that matter, staying on the bay is something different for most visitors, and offers its unique charms. The bay is more tranquil than the ocean and offers a much more laid back atmosphere. This location will also be key when it comes to cashing in on Ocean City’s most romantic of features–the sunsets! No matter whether you’re strolling along in Northside Park, enjoying a meal in one of the many bay front eateries, or watching from your own private balcony, the sun setting over the bay is a captivating scene. Even the best of photographs don’t due it a justice. You simply have to be there!
There are none better than the hotels at Fager’s Island. While many readers will know the restaurant, the hotels—The Edge, and The Lighthouse Club—may be less familiar. Both of these small hotels sit overlooking the Isle of Wight Bay, which in walking distance of the restaurant. Chances you could’ve seen them but never knew what they were. The Edge is the hotel closest to Fager’s and The Lighthouse club is the red roofed building that sticks out there surrounded by water on three sides. Both offer unparalleled accommodations, including but not limited to four posted beds, custom made furnishings, fire places, wet bars, spa robes and Jacuzzi tubs located either next to the beds, or in front of the windows so you can view the water or to let others view you (hey, whatever you’re into, I’m not judging you here).

We need to eat

So now that we’ve got your accommodations covered. I’ll skip the part where I tell you to contact Ocean Greenery 410-524-7673 and have roses delivered to the hotel before you arrive. I know you already thought of that. Instead let’s focus on the food because, as nice as it sounds, the truth is we really can’t live on love alone. And face it, no intimate getaway is complete without out a meal worthy of remembering! For this I follow inside the same (adults only) basic framework that we’ve already established in this post and recommend Liquid Assets. This restaurant is suitable for children but it certainly doesn’t cater to them, and I seriously doubt you’ll see many here. The setting is comfortable and contemporary. You’ll have seating options from traditional tables to comfy sofa’s around coffee tables. My wife and I almost always sit at the bar, but I understand how that might not work for everyone. No matter where you choose to sit, you’ll have full access to some of the best, and most unique food in all of Ocean City. The menu is based around new American cuisine blended with traditional favorites made from scratch with high quality ingredients. The wine list has no equal, and the bartenders are more than equipped with the tools, and technology to satisfy your thirst. Also I strongly recommend saving a bit of room for dessert, and more specifically, the house made doughnuts–trust me on this!
SO THERE YOU HAVE IT. An outlined, detailed, and comprehensive plan for spending a romantic weekend away with your significant other in the lap of luxury or take your chances and end up in the dog house! The choice is yours, my friends…
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 This story was updated Jan. 31, 2016 — Ed.

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