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Residents, visitors rave about resort’s newest NYE attraction

(Jan. 11, 2013) As that old song goes, “What were you doing New Year’s, New Year’s Eve?” The Kemps finally followed through on their oft-repeated vow to stay home. After checking out all the activities at the festival of lights, we headed home, pulled up a couple of comfortable chairs to the sliding glass door and watched Northside Park’s dazzling display of fireworks at midnight. How cool is that? What a great way to welcome the New Year.

Amazing this year how many folks opted to stay home. Why not? According to the polls, OC’s festival tops the list of favorite holiday exhibits nationwide. “Dis iz de’ place to be.”

Maybe next year they’ll add a bodaciously humongous train and garden display. We have many locals, I’m sure many locals would help, the likes of Lux Luxenberger, the Murphys and Hares, and our local fire department guys.

If I wrote about all the ills that befall local seniors, this column would be a bore. I’m making an exception with my friend of many years, Sarah Gray.

Sarah, a “tea/soda toter,” has an incredible sense of humor. Early on, I teased her about the fact that every retired cop in OC from the Washington area knew her. Sarah, who is the ultimate volunteer and well loved socializer around our town, was the victim of a very bad fall last week.

As bearer of good news, I’m delighted to report that Sarah is home nursing her aching bones with her sense of humor intact.

Whoops, I almost forgot Sarah worked in Washington’s main police headquarters for years before retiring to OC by the sea.

Life on our shore is never a bore. Bingo ain’t my game, but I try not to miss the fundraisers, such as the upcoming bingo/luncheon on Feb. 6, at the St. Andrew Parish Center. Proceeds to benefit St Lukes/St. Andrew Parish. A delicious lunch will be served at 11:30 a.m. followed by an afternoon of bingo and socializing. For tickets ($25), call Pat Luckett at 302-436-0351.

Organizations and entrepreneurs take note. What better way to advertise? Sponsor a game for $40 and your organization’s name will be printed on the program. Don’t wait or hesitate to buy your tickets as these events are sellouts. For more info, call the parish office at 410-250-0300.

Sporting, courting, loitering or just out cavorting around town, I found Bob Jones and Phyllis, Don and Dot Smith, Carol and Rob Robinson, Ray and Carlee Archer, Joe Curtin, Del and Whitey Leutner, anniversary celebrators Nancy and Bill McCullough, George and Joan Saur and Theresa Smith.

Trust me, the town is full of Redskins and Raven srooters. Win or lose, sport your colors next week to show your appreciation of a job well done.

C U in OC.

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