Quick pick-me-ups for your home

Lauren Bunting

(Sept. 6, 2013) We all know updated and kitchens and baths help sell homes, but when a major renovation isn’t do-able, here are a few ideas for quick pick-me-ups that can really help spruce things up on a budget.

Paint — Painting is one of those projects that you don’t want to have to do yourself, but in a pinch, you can. And the payoff is big. By selecting neutral, updated colors, you can really change the appearance of every room in your house — and give it that fresh, clean look that all buyers really want.

Knobs — Both kitchen pulls and doorknobs/hinges can really make a difference in updating the décor in a kitchen or throughout your house. Replace those old gold doorknobs with a brushed silver/nickel or distressed bronze. And, for a more polished look, replace the door hinges as well.

New kitchen pulls can also really help spruce up older cabinets, just make sure you choose pulls that fit your existing holes so you don’t have to drill new ones.

Lighting fixtures — Another affordable fix is replacing older ceiling fans and lighting fixtures. You’ll have the added expense of hiring an electrician, but with fixtures being so affordable, this can really make a difference in the overall impression of a home.

De-clutter — One of the biggest ways to make a difference in the way your home will show to prospective buyers, and one that doesn’t have to cost a dime, is to de-clutter.

Start in your kitchen. Make sure there is just the minimum amount of appliances and knick knacks on the counters. Remove all pictures and magnets from your fridge and clean out your cabinets so they seem spacious and organized. Go day by day, room by room, devoting an hour per room, stay focused and you’ll see the benefits!

Lauren Bunting is a licensed REALTOR® with Bunting Realty, Inc. in Berlin, Md.

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