Police take angst out of weekend


There were just so many unknowns about last weekend.

Some people were nervous, because they thought an onslaught of “senior week” combined with a beach “takeover” by college students, would result in a rather tension-filled couple of days.

But that’s not what happened at all. OCPD showed a great deal of strength in presence at the inlet, the Boardwalk and points north to turn the weekend into one that statistically fell in line for an average June weekend, with an 8 percent rise in calls for service.

What might be notable is that calls were above average on Friday night indicating a strong show of strength by Police.

Perhaps Chief Ross Buzzuro, who patrolled the Boardwalk himself several times over the weekend, said it best.

“The word ‘takeover’ obviously scared some people,” he said. The chief went on to say that there was no there…there. It was an unsanctioned event, so there was no itinerary, no permits, no headcount. “So we’re left asking what we can really attach to this when it’s just folks showing up?”

According to our front-page story reported by Zack Hoopes, OCPD has received praise for the demeanor of its officers, who were present but not overbearing.

Several businesses, he reported, have asked that the city continue the heightened presence for the entire month of June.

That is something for the city to determine.

But we’d like to add that the Chief, who has had experience in the Baltimore City Police command with high value tourist destinations such as Harbor Place knows all to well that sometimes more of a heightened police presence is needed.

We think that under Chief Buzzuro’s leadership, the OCPD comported itself professionally.  The weekend went by with no harm, no foul.

We can all take a deep cleansing breath now.

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