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Pair nabbed for heroin distribution

A Berlin man and an Ocean City woman were charged Oct. 26 with numerous drug offenses as the result of investigations into heroin trafficking in northern Worcester County over the past several months.

During those investigations, David Sturgill, 33, of Berlin, was identified as a source of heroin.

Investigators learned that Sturgill was traveling to the Baltimore area with Lauren Ann Johnson, 24, of Ocean City, on Oct. 25. The following day, as the two returned from Baltimore, police stopped Sturgill’s vehicle near the intersection of Libertytown Road and Ninepin Branch Road and arrested Sturgill and Johnson.

During a search of Sturgill and his vehicle, police found 105 individuallywrapped bags of heroin, a digital scale and numerous items of paraphernalia. They seized those items and Sturgill’s 2006 Ford F-150 pickup truck.

Later that day, investigators executed the search and seizure warrant on Sturgill’s Berlin residence and seized various items of paraphernalia.

Sturgill and Johnson were charged with possession of heroin, possession of heroin with the intent to distribute it and possession of controlled paraphernalia, a hypodermic syringe.

Participating in the investigation and/or arrests were members of the Worcester County Criminal Enforcement Division, the Ocean City Police Department, the DEA Post of Duty and Baltimore Field Division, the Maryland State Police, Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and the Berlin Police Department.

On ‘buzzed’ scale of 1-10, driver said she was 11-12

A 26-year-old Walkersville woman who stopped her car on the Route 50 bridge because she “saw a guy fishing” just before 2 a.m. on Nov. 2, was arrested.

According to Ocean City police, Katie Mae Autumn Murray stopped her Hyundai on the westbound side on the bridge, hindering the passage of other vehicles. She told police she had consumed four alcoholic drinks before driving.

She then said she parked on the bridge “because of faith.”

After failing to complete field sobriety tests, Murray said she was an 11 or 12 on a scale of 1 for “buzzed” and 10 for “drunk.” She also cursed a police officer and spit in her face. When placed into the rear passenger side seat of a police vehicle, Murray took her seat belt off and used her legs and feet to kick a police officer who tried to put the seat belt back on her, according to the police report.

Before having Murray’s car towed, police conducted an inventory of its contents and found a wooden container of marijuana.

Murray was charged with two counts of second-degree assault, possession of marijuana, possession of paraphernalia and disturbing the peace. She was also charged with numerous traffic offenses.

Virgina man charged with disorderly conduct

A 34-year-old Arlington, Va. man was charged Nov. 3 with disorderly conduct.

According to Ocean City police, Jonathan Porter Ginn threw a rock at the roof of a bar near 30th Street. The rock broke a terracotta shingle valued at approximately $100.

Ginn and a friend had been removed from the bar because they were intoxicated.

Bar patron taped stealing $20 from woman

A surveillance video recorded Oct. 28 showed a man at a mid-town bar removing money from a wallet that a woman had left on the bar. The woman had reported that she was missing two $20 bills.

After watching the video, police went to the bar and found that the man, Vernon Grant, 50, of Baltimore, was still sitting there. He had two $20 bills in his possession.

They arrested him and charged him with theft of less than $100.

Argument between man, woman ends with assault

A 54-year-old Baltimore man allegedly hit a woman in her face during an Oct. 26 argument at the 135th Street apartment they had shared less than a week.

Police charged John Raymond Creamer with second-degree assault.

Mustard message greets driver not in ‘allotted space’

Angered that a woman had parked her vehicle in his designated condominium parking space on 40th Street, an Ocean City man used mustard to write on the hood of her Ford Explorer on Oct. 31.

“Hey coward, park in your space,” Christopher M. Prigg, 37, wrote.

Earlier, he had left a handwritten note beneath a wiper blade that said, “I don’t believe I know you, so you don’t know me, therefore do not park in my allotted space.”

Police found Prigg by going to the unit number for the assigned parking space. He told police he wrote on the vehicle to get his message across.

He cleaned the mustard off the Ford, but police saw that it had caused small bubbling on the clear coat of paint and charged him with malicious destruction of property under $500.

The woman told police she parked her vehicle in the man’s spot to prevent damage to it during the hurricane. Her Ford’s moon roof was broken and she did not want to park it on the side of the street. At the time she parked, she said, no other vehicles were in the condominium’s parking spaces.

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