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 Indecent exposure

Ocean City Police arrested a Delaware man in the early hours of Sunday after they found him asleep, naked and in a running car.

Officers knocked on the windows and shined flashlights in the car to wake up Joshua W. Long, 27, of Selbyville, who was found sleeping on top of a unidentified woman in the passenger’s side of the car.

After they asked Long to put on pants, he got out of the car to look for them.

Long asked the officers why they stopped him and began to raise his voice at them for bothering him “for having some fun,” the report said. He put on a pair of sweatpants and continued to question why the officers were treating him like a “crazy person” and said they should be out looking for “real criminals.”

While looking for his wallet and ID in the driver’s side, Long pulled his sweatpants down and drew a pair of jeans from the car.

“Long again began to loudly argue that we were treating him like a ‘crazy person’ and wasting our time with him while we could be out looking for ‘real criminals’ while standing completely naked,” the report said.

The officers told Long he was under arrest for indecent exposure and asked him to place his arms behind his back, but he tensed up to prevent them from moving his arms. One officer picked Long up and dropped him to the ground while the other held his arm, causing all three to fall to the ground.

An officer told Long he would use his Taser if he did not cooperate. Long did not cooperate, the officer used his Taser and Long was subsequently successfully arrested.

During processing, officers found two packages of Suboxone, a treatment of opioid addiction, for which he was not carrying a prescription, folded in Long’s money.

He is charged with indecent exposure, resisting and interfering with arrest and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

Long is slated to appear in district court Nov. 19.


Domestic dispute

Ocean City police charged a Pasadena man with second-degree assault and trespassing after neighbors at his hotel said they heard the sound of a woman choking in his room.

Officers arrived at the downtown lodge just after 1 a.m. Sunday to answer a call about noise. They entered the room where Eric John Askew, 32, and his girlfriend were staying.

Officers found the woman lying facedown on the floor between the two beds. She was unresponsive at first, and then sat up crying.

Askew said the two had gotten into a verbal argument that did not become physical — an account his girlfriend backed. However, a lodger in a neighboring room said she heard slaps and what she believed was a female choking, which she recorded through the wall and planned to email the officers.

Hotel staff evicted Askew and his girlfriend from the room. Askew refused to pack his bag, asking why he was being evicted, and accused the officers of having his keys, which he later found. Officers said he seemed drunk.

Both were issued trespass warnings for the property, but an officer saw Askew walk onto the hotel property around 3:30 a.m. and arrested him for trespassing.

He is slated to appear in district court Nov. 19.


Suspected heroin

Ocean City police charged a Delaware woman with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and associated paraphernalia after they found what they recognized as heroin on her.

Alanna M. Hall, 18, of Georgetown, was a passenger in a car parked in the North Division Street municipal lot when an officer approached the car, saying the windows were fogged and reported he smelling marijuana.

He said Hall appeared nervous and made “furtive movements” in a bag at her feet. An accompanying sergeant asked Hall to get out of the car and she placed both hands in the bag before covering them with a blanket and sitting on a curb nearby, per police request.

The officer noted Hall was moving her hands under the blanket and heard crinkling paper. He asked her to see her hands and, after she refused, threatened to handcuff Hall. She took her hands out, revealing multi-colored wax papers commonly used to package heroin.

The sergeant asked Hall if she had and syringes and she said yes. After she was arrested for possession of heroin, police found two syringes, a burnt metal spoon, two brown cotton balls and wax papers. They found more wax papers and syringes in her backpack. No marijuana or marijuana paraphernalia was reported found.

Hall had no prior record and is slated to appear in district court Jan. 21, 2015.


Street brawl

Ocean City Police charged two Ocean City men with disorderly conduct after a fight broke out when one attempted to steal the other’s pizza slice, one party said.

The brawl happened just before 2 a.m. last Wednesday on Eighth Street, where Pickles Pub is known to draw a crowd during its Tuesday night specials. An officer on patrol in an unmarked car saw Matthew Edward Severe, 24, approach Jeremy Robert Markel, 31, reverse his hat and invade Markel’s space.

The surrounding crowd separated the two, but both put their hands in the air “challenging each other to a fight,” the report said. They continued to approach each other, but the crowd blocked them.

Severe then took off his shirt and hat and returned to fight. The officer saw him push Markel.

“It was obvious that a fistfight was about to begin,” he said.

He told both men to sit, but Markel refused until the officer showed him his Taser. Severe explained Markel had tried to steal his slice of pizza in Pizza Mambo’s nearby and both men said they were acting in self-defense.

Markel was released on personal recognizance under the condition he has no contact with Severe. Severe posted bond and was released under the same condition with Markel.

Both are slated to appear in district court Nov. 17.

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