Please bear with us, it’s almost over


If you have reached the eyes-glazed-over stage after seeing page after page of political stories and interviews, you are not alone.

We have too. Not that we don’t think these things aren’t important, because we obviously do.

The political story overload of the last couple of weeks or so reflects our desire to help voters gain a better understanding of who these candidates are.

This would be as opposed to casting votes based exclusively on the advice of friends, relatives and candidates’ supporters who peddle their own points of view.

What’s at stake is too important to leave the decision making to others.

And what exactly is at stake would be the question in all the campaigns we have covered so far.

The answer, of course, is money and the things it provides.

No matter who wins what office, the money these people will be spending is yours and over the long term it has been shown that the amount they spend doesn’t necessarily depend on who’s in control.

They all spend it, while the real issue is how they spend it and on what.

That’s the great philosophical divide, not the money itself, although we all would prefer that they didn’t spend quite so much.

In the Ocean City race, meanwhile, spending didn’t seem to be much of a campaign point, although it will become a major subject of discussion later in the year as local government begins deliberations over police and general employee pay.

Voters should start thinking about that now, before they go to the polls.

As for what we think, our endorsements and another pair of interviews will appear next week.

And then it will be business as usual, thank goodness.


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