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You can’t leave Ocean City without eating a slice of pizza! Pizza is a tradition on any vacation to OC. Do you have a favorite pizza place in Ocean City? Which pizza pie do you crave when you’re not visiting the beach? Use this guide to help determine where to eat a slice during your stay!



 Billy’s Pizza & Sub Shop

Billy’s Pizza and Sub Shop’s specialty is pizza. Known for their saucy fresh pizza dough and all natural ingredients, Billy’s is everything you’ve been looking for. Stop by any of Billy’s three locations, 140the Street, 118th Street, and 78th Street and Coastal Highway and try the pizza pies. Billy’s also offers fresh baked Philadelphia rolls, hand rolled fresh ground beef burgers, and ice cream. The shop now delivers to all of Ocean City, Fenwick, and West Fenwick areas. The white pizza with mozzarella cheese and fresh sliced tomatoes is wonderful! Eat in, carry out, and experience Billy’s!


 Captain’s Pizza & Sub Restaurant

Captain’s Pizza and Sub Restaurant is located on 137th Street in Ocean City. This pizza and sub shop has been serving the town of Ocean City since 1975. Captain’s employees say that they have the best cheese steak in town and are the home of the 28-inch pizza! A 28-incher is cut into 16 slices and feeds 10 hungry people. Captain’s Pizza delivers to all of Ocean City, Fenwick, and even to the beach. The menu includes items like subs, wings, salads, ‘bolis, pasta, and desserts. For a fast free delivery and an exceptional pizza, call Captain’s.


 Caruso Pizza

Ocean City local, Maria Kostis says, “Caruso’s pizza is like New York Style pizza. It’s the best!” Caruso’s is located in Southern Ocean City on the boardwalk. The aroma of freshly made pizzas can be traced to Caruso’s from the Inlet parking lot. Grab a slice of the traditional style pizza and walk to boardwalk with your friends and family. Caruso’s has a large dining area and offers many different kinds of pizzas. The plain cheese pizza will not disappoint you!


 Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s has two locations in Ocean City. One can be found in the 64th Street shopping and the other is located off of Route 50 in West Ocean City. This nationwide Pizza franchise is known for their oven baked, classic hand tossed pizzas. Domino’s also has great bread bowl pastas, crunchy thin crust pizzas, cheesy bread, and lots of topping options.


 Dough Roller Restaurants

You can dine at the Dough Roller all over Ocean City! The Dough Roller has 5 locations… more than any other pizza place in OC! The Roller offers their famous pizza, sandwiches, salads, Italian dinners, beer, wine, and cocktails to guarantee a great dining experience. All of the Dough Roller Restaurants have huge dining rooms. The 5 locations are: 70th Street, 3rd Street, 41st Street, one on Route 50, and one more on Atlantic Avenue and the Boardwalk.


 Ledo Pizza

Located on 126th Street in Ocean City, Ledo’s is one of the most original pizza places in OC. Ocean City local, Jamie Scott says, “I like Ledo’s pizza because of their wide selection of toppings.” Ledo’s pizza is thin crusted, crispy Sicilian style pizza. With more than 30 different topping options, Ledo’s has a combination that you will adore. A favorite is the veggie pizza. Try their Hawaiian pizza if you’d like something daring!


 Papa John’s Pizza

Everyone knows Papa John’s! Papa Johns serves all of Ocean City. Located on 33rd Street, this pizza staple is open for lunch, dinner, and late night service. You can continently order your pizzas online for extremely fast service. Foster Hoyt, an Ocean City vacationer from Pennsylvania says, “Papa John’s pizza has a nice spicy sauce and I love their garlic butter!” Take Foster’s recommendation and try the garlic butter the next time you order from Papa John’s!


 Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s are abundant in Ocean City, Ocean Pines, and West Ocean City. Order online for fast service. Designated locations cater to carry-out customers only while others have large dining rooms. All major credit cards are accepted. Pizza hut is always running specials so be sure to ask about daily deals when placing your order over the phone!


 Pino’s Pizza

Pino’s Pizza is located on 81st Street in Ocean City. Since 1982, this pizza shop has been serving pizza to Ocean City’s finest. This restaurant is open until 4 a.m. everyday of the week. The Baltimore Sun newspaper titles Pino’s, “Ocean City’s Best” last year. Buffalo wings are a must while chomping on your favorite pizza. Try hot-n-spicy, BBQ, Regular, or boneless wings by the dozen or half dozen. Free delivery is included with any order.


 Pizza Mambo

Pizza Mambo is the only pizza shop in Ocean City that is open 24 hours. The staff at Mambo’s considers themselves, “the best among the rest.” There are 2 locations to serve you better: 7th Street and another at 72nd Street. The downtown location serves breakfast from 6 a.m. to noon everyday. Pizza for breakfast anyone?


 Pizza Tugo’s

Tugo’s has two locations in Ocean City, one on 116th Street and another on 18th Street. Tugo’s is known for their BIG and FAST pizzas. A full menu is littered with options like wings, value meals, tasty treats, and tons of pizza options. Free delivery takes about 30 minutes while carry out takes about 10 minutes to prepare. Wings and subs are good sides to Tugo’s pizza. The employees at Tugo’s say, “We’ve got damn good pizza!”. Pizza Tugo’s is open until 4 a.m. daily all summer long.


 Ponzetti’s Pizza

Ponzetti’s is a favorite for those living in Northern OC. This restaurant has been a family favorite wince 1962. The oldest pizza tradition in Ocean City! Located on 144th Street, Ponzetti’s serves Italian dinners, subs, and homemade pizza pies. Take your kids here for their awesome children’s menu and the fun center arcade games. Ponzetti’s is open daily so you can enjoy their television-covered sports bar and your favorite pizza with your family!


 Tony’s Pizza

Tony’s Pizza has been serving boardwalk patrons since 1962. There are two Tony’s locations on the Boardwalk. Tony’s make their traditional pizzas big! A large pizza is cut into 16 large slices. Just thinking about Tony’s pizza will make your mouth water. Not too much sauce, not too much cheese, and nice thin crispy crust. The ultimate pizza if you like to fold your slices in half. Recently, this pizza shop began delivering. Be sure to stop by Tony’s on 15th Street to have yourself a slice of a classic Ocean City pizza.



There are several other Pizza places in Ocean City! Use this list to as a guide to help you pick your favorite. Have a pizza restaurant that you adore, tell us about it! Enjoy!





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