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Pizza business license suspended due to littering

(Sept. 28, 2012) Fed up with repeated violations of Ocean City’s ordinance against littering, City Manager David Recor suspended the business license of Marco Polo, a pizzeria.

Police have been documenting complaints about handbills distributed by several pizza restaurants since the summer of 2010. They also used a specific case number that correlated to the particular pizza business.

On April 13, 2011, owners of three Ocean City pizzerias were asked to appear before the resort Police Commission to address repeated illegal advertising. Those owners were told to cease and desist the distribution of fliers or be subject to a possible penalty.

Of the four businesses, the offender with the most violations, Marco Polo, previously named Mack’s Pizza, did not respond nor attend the meeting.

After repeated citations from the police department and warnings from condominiums and hotels, Marco Polo continued to violate the city ordinance.

On Sept. 17, the Ocean City police presented evidence at a hearing about Marco Polo’s business license. The evidence demonstrated repeated violations, complaints and calls for service about the distribution of handbills and advertisements resulting in multiple warnings and citations about littering on public property and distribution of handbills and advertisements.

During the hearing, the OCPD described

27 verified ordinance violations and 54 complaints occurring during the past two years. The business was officially warned in writing three times to stop the illegal practice of distribution of advertisements and handbills. As a result of the continued violations, police charged “Marco Polo” pizza eight separate times, which led to convictions in Ocean City District Court. The business continued the illegal practice of “distribution of advertisements and handbills even after the District Court convictions.

As a result of these circumstances, Recor has suspended the operator’s license for the business known as “Marco Polo” pizza for a period of 30-days as permitted by Section 14-33(a)3 of the Town Code.

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