Pines Yacht Club parking spaces to be narrower

Pines Yacht Club parking spaces to be narrower

NANCY POWELL ¦ Staff Writer

(Oct. 26, 2012) The proposed Ocean Pines Yacht Club will be discussed during the Nov. 1 Worcester County Planning Commission meeting, but joint use parking is no longer an issue.

During an Oct. 9 hearing, Ed Tudor, director of the Department of Development Review and Permitting, acted in his position as administrative adjustment official, to grant a reduction in the required number of parking spaces.

Ocean Pines General Manager Bob Thompson and representatives of AWB, a Salisbury architectural and engineering firm, sought site plan approval for the 20,303-square-foot building that would replace the existing Yacht Club during the Planning Commission’s Oct. 4 meeting.

Five of the Planning Commission members voted against the site plan because of the parking issue. The site plan as presented that day had 62 too few parking spaces even though customers would be able to park at the Yacht Club or at Mumford’s Landing pool. It was a proposed shared arrangement between the two Ocean Pines facilities.

During the Oct. 9 hearing, Thompson, OPA legal counsel Joe Moore and AWB representatives met with Tudor and Jennifer Burke, the county’s zoning administrator, to try to reach an agreement on the parking issue.

Tudor and Burke heard again that the main hours of use of the pools, the Yacht Club pool and Mumford’s Landing pool, do not conflict with the peak hours of operation of the Yacht Club restaurant.

Ocean Pines had sought a 20 percent reduction in the number of parking spaces, but Tudor suggested that the applicants amend the application because they would give him flexibility in approving parking spaces with narrower widths, which would make room for additional parking spaces.

Two residents of Osprey Point, the condominiums near Mumford’s Landing pool, voiced their approval of the parking request and the president of the Osprey Point Condominium Association had submitted a letter of support. No one spoke in opposition to the parking request.

Tudor then recommended the case be continued until a revised site plan showing the larger number of parking spaces, which would be slightly narrower, was submitted.

That plan was submitted Monday, Oct. 22, and it was determined that 22 additional parking spaces could be accommodated. Ocean Pines lowered its parking reduction request from 20 percent to 10.9 percent, which Tudor approved.

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