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Parking in Ocean City

When you’re in Ocean City, finding a parking spot can sometimes be the most difficult task of your entire day. Other days, vacant parking spots are abundant. The city offers centrally located parking lots throughout the town. Parking rates vary based a few factors. Be sure to observe the posted rules and regulations at each parking area.

The Hugh T. Cropper Parking Lot at the Inlet
This is the largest parking lot in southern Ocean City. The 1,200 available parking spaces are located right off of the Inlet beach and the southern most point of Ocean City’s boardwalk. There are 35 marked handicap parking spaces. The Inlet Parking Lot can be used 24-hours a day from April 15th to October 15th. A ticket must be obtained at the entrance to the lot and payment or cash or credit card is due before leaving the lot. Once you get out of your car, you may notice that the parking lot itself is actually sparkling. Ocean City chose to use recycled glass in the pavement for recycling purposes. The rates to use this parking lot are as followed:

April 15th – Wednesday prior to Memorial Day
0-30 minutes – Free
31-40 minutes – $1.00
41-50 minutes – $1.25
51 minutes-1 hour – $1.50
Any additional time – $.25/10 minutes

Tuesday after Labor Day – October 15th
0-30 minutes – Free
31-40 minutes – $1.00
41-50 minutes – $1.25
51 minutes-1 hour – $1.50
Any additional time – $.25/10 minutes

Thursday before Memorial Day – Labor Day
0-30 minutes – Free
31-40 minutes – $1.50
41-50 minutes – $2.00
51 minutes-1 hour – $2.50
Any additional time – $.50/12 minutes

The West Ocean City Park & Ride
The West Ocean City Park & Ride is located at 12848 Ocean Gateway in West OC. Parking is free at this lot. Bus shuttle service is available for $1. The ride-all-day bus pass provides shuttle service from the Ocean City Factory Outlets, the South Division Street Transit Center, and the Park & Ride Lot.  At the Park & Ride lot there are benches, a bus station, great views of the Ocean City skyline and bay, and gazebos with informative signs about the area.

Street Parking
Street parking is available throughout Ocean City and is metered from South Division Street to 10th Street and on 99th Street. The metered parking uses the Cale parking system. Once you find a spot and park your car, look for the Cale Pay Station nearby. You may use cash or a credit card to pay for parking in set increments. Prices are $1.00/hour with a 12 hour maximum amount. The machine will print out a parking voucher. You will need to place the paper voucher on your dash board so that the parking regulators can easily see the printed time through your windshield.

Other Parking Options
Each of the following parking lots throughout Ocean City use the Cale Pay Stations mentioned above. It is your responsibility to pay at the station and display the parking voucher in your car. Prices are $1.00/hour with a 12 hour maximum amount. The 100th Street parking lot is approved for parking boat trailers. The cost for this lot is $10/day or $50/week from April 1st to October 15th.

-Worcester St., between Baltimore Ave. & Philadelphia Ave.
-Somerset St. & Baltimore Ave.
-Dorchester St. & Baltimore Ave.
-N. Division St. & Baltimore Ave. 
-4th St. & Baltimore Ave.
-1st. St. & St. Louis
-61st St. & Coastal Hwy., bayside
-100th St., bayside

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