OP board has new contracts with gen. mgr., Casper Golf

OP board has new contracts with gen. mgr., Casper Golf

(April 25, 2014) In addition to a pay increase, General Manager Bob Thompson could get a bonus if Ocean Pines amenities do well.

Thompson’s current salary of $150,000 per year increases to $165,000 per year for three years and he has the potential to earn more. The difference is that he may not be paid for performance, Tom Terry, president of the Ocean Pines Association board of directors, said Tuesday.

The board benchmarked Thompson’s base salary to general managers in other homeowners associations after determining what others in similar and like positions were being paid.

“The base [salary] does not go up for three years except for inflation,” Terry said.

There is also a shared at-risk portion of the contract tied to the success or lack of success of amenities, Terry said.

“If they don’t do well, he gets no bonus,” he said. “That’s a whole new thing. We want amenities to do well and if they do well, he shares in the benefit of that.”

The amenities involved in the possible bonuses are the Yacht Club, the Beach Club, aquatics, golf and marinas.

Thompson is eligible for bonus payments up to a maximum of 25 percent of his base salary, or approximately $40,000, for a possible annual income of $205,000.

“He still has the responsibility of maintaining the community and keeping it up to speed,” Terry said. “The idea was to get away from the situation at the end of every year where we’re figuring how much to give as a raise.”

Directors Marty Clarke and Jack Collins voted against the new contract with Thompson, who has been general manager since August 2010.

The board of directors also voted to approve a new contract with Casper Golf, which manages the Ocean Pines golf course. This contract gives Ocean Pines the option to cancel, with no penalty, the contract after the end of the golf season, typically November or December, if the financial performance and overall performance do not improve, Terry said. The overall performance, Terry said, refers to the upkeep of the course, the treatment of golfers and the overall golf experience.

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