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‘One man crime spree’ sentenced to 20 yrs. in prison

(Dec. 5, 2014) The man responsible for a string of burglaries, and a five-day manhunt in Berlin and Ocean Pines this past June, was sentenced to 20 years in prison this week.

Judge Thomas Groton III scoffed at Orion Conway’s plea for leniency, noting that Conway was looking at 120 years in total for all the offenses he was charged with.

“We’ve got a one-man crime spree here,” Groton said, before sentencing.

The prosecution recommended only 11 years, eight for the burglary-related charges and an additional three for assault. Groton went a step further, but still shaved a century off Conway’s total debt to society by granting concurrent sentencing.

Police alleged that Conway was behind a string of burglaries in the Berlin and West Ocean City area this past May, which included the theft of TVs, jewelry, and even several boat propellers.

On June 6, Berlin police were alerted to Conway’s presence at a home on William Street, following a series of calls for a domestic disturbance. Conway, however, was able to evade police after a foot chase.

An extensive search in downtown Berlin, using dogs and Maryland State Police Helicopters, was later extended to Ocean Pines, apparently on a tip given to police that Conway was hiding there.

An initial attempt to arrest Conway resulted in him fleeing into the woods near the Ocean Pines Library and Sports Core. Conway was finally apprehended on June 10 after a scuffle with police, which resulted in charges of assaulting an officer.

This week, Conway’s defense painted a picture of a man who was selling scrap items to feed his drug addictions.

Many of the items stolen were not recoverable, as they had been melted down for sale. Groton ordered that Conway would not be eligible for parole or probation until several thousand dollars restitution had been made to the victims.

Conway’s attorney explained – from the “department of no surprise” – that Conway was found to have a plethora of hard drugs in his system during a post-arrest exam, including heroin and PCP.

The 24-year-old Conway has had numerous prior convictions, and drug-related charges dating back to 2008.

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