Old, good advice: lock up those gifts


It is cliché anymore to remind people not to leave their recently purchased items in the car unattended and in plain view this time of year.

We have come to expect local law enforcement officials to advise us on this matter and, in many instances, it just doesn’t register because we’ve heard it all before.

But as well worn as that message is, it is good advice, especially considering what occurred at a local condominium just last week. If anyone thinks these holiday advisories by the police are just so much boilerplate, they should know that four separate vehicles were broken into one night at that location.

It was one thing for the victims to have their purchases stolen, but the perpetrator made the situation worse by gaining entry into vehicles by smashing their windows.

Stolen items and broken windows do not a happy holiday make, so the best thing to is exactly what the police have been telling us for years: if you’re going to leave gifts and valuables in the car, put them in the trunk.

It is also the time of year for police to warn the public of the seasonal uptick in scams and, yes, two more are currently making the rounds.

One, people saying they work for the city are making phone calls pertaining to water bills. They don’t. And, two, billing-related phone calls or visits by people saying they work for Delmarva Power. That’s a scam too.

Both of these stories appear on page 13 of the paper this week. Read them and protect yourself from these con artists. But before you do, check the car and make sure everything is where it should be.

We want everyone to have happy holidays, and looking out for themselves is a good way to start.

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