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OCFD awards banquet highlights dedication

From the Town of Ocean City:

On Saturday, February 6, the Ocean City Fire Department (OCFD) held its 3rd Annual Awards and Recognition Ceremony at the 66th Street Holiday Inn, honoring members for their highest level of achievements, including commitment to public safety and selfless protection of the Ocean City community. The celebration named Fire/EMS Firefighter of the Year, OCVFC Firefighter of the Year, and Fire/EMS Paramedic of the Year, along with several Years of Service Awards, Distinguished Service Awards, Unit Citations, and Incident Citations.

Lt. Robert E. Magee was names OCFD Firefighter of the Year.
Lt. Robert E. Magee was names OCFD Firefighter of the Year.

“Today is a special day,” said OCFD Deputy Chief Barton.  “Our members go above and beyond the call of duty to make our department consistently the best, and we’re proud of each and every one you. The Fire Department is one big family, it’s important for us to recognize that it’s not only the firefighters and paramedics who make us the best, but their own families who continually support their work for our community. Our department thrives on your support and we genuinely thank you for it.”

Along with Deputy Chief Barton, Deputy Chief David Hartley and outgoing Volunteer Chief Bo Duke, several dignitaries attended the ceremony, which began with the Ocean City Volunteer Fire Company (OCVFC) Ladies Auxiliary Awards.  The OCVFC Ladies Auxiliary Member of the Year Award was given to Lisa Dypsky and the Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Laura Anderson. In addition, the Ladies Auxiliary donated $8000 dollars to various organizations, including the John Paul Adkins II scholarship fund, the F. Michael Sacca scholarship fund, the OCVFC cadet program and the OCVFC.

Awards were presented for length of service, special recognition, citizen appreciation, unit citations, and incident citations. Senator Jim Mathias, Delegate Mary Beth Carozza, County Commissioners Joe Mitrecic and Bud Church, and several Ocean City Council Members were in attendance to present proclamations to select members for 25, 30, 35, and 40 years of service.

One of the most meaningful awards, a Life Saving Commendation, was given twice this year for two separate incidents; The Lazy Lizard fire and a water rescue. Both awards were the result of selfless actions by personnel who put the lives of citizens above all else.

Lt. D. Sean Goggin
Lt. D. Sean Goggin

At the close of the event, the top honors for Fire/EMS Firefighter of the Year, OCVFC Firefighter of the Year, and Fire/EMS Paramedic of the Year were awarded.  Lt. Robert E. Magee was named Fire/EMS Firefighter of the Year, Lt. D. Sean Goggin was named OCVFC Firefighter of the Year, and Lt. Nicholas L. Kinhart was name Fire/EMS Paramedic of the Year.

“Our members do not join the fire service in order to be recognized or patted on the back for their actions to their community,” Deputy Chief Barton continued. “Despite their modesty and humbleness, every member of our organization has contributed to our success. Teamwork, commitment and loyalty to the community make everyone here the best people to work with. Thank you for your skills, services, and contributions to the community”

Complete lists of award winners are as follows:


Fire/EMS Division Paramedic of the Year: 

Lt. Nicholas L. Kinhart

Fire/EMS Division Firefighter of the Year: 

Lt. Robert E. Magee

OCVFC Division Firefighter of the Year: 

Lt. D. Sean Goggin

OCVFC Training Award: 


Frederick A. Senger IV


OCVFC Member of the Year Award: 

Marvin W. Timmons

OCVFC Chief’s Award:


Chief Bryant D Bunting

OCVFC President’s Award: 

Roger A. Steger

Length of Service 5 Years: 

Eric M. Olson

Marvin W. Timmons, Jr.

Joseph Lessman

Andrew King

Anthony Villani

Length of Service 10 Years:

Rancel C. Evans

Clifford A. Christello


Length of Service 15 Years: 

William V. Tilghman

Kathleen M. Hartley

William R. Kuhn II

Robert E. Magee

B. Eric Peterson

Duane L. Phillips

H. Alan Schweitzer

Bryon J. Trimble

Joshua J. Bunting III

David S. Peterson


Length of Service 25 Years: 

H. Michael Giardina

James L. Jester

Length of Service 30 Years: 

Rex A. Foxwell

Length of Service 35 Years:

Michael A. LeCompte

Length of Service 40 Years:

Joshua J. Bunting, Jr.

Honorable Service: 

Rex A. Foxwell

Delbert H. Baker, Jr.


Special Recognition-OCFD Marine Unit Members:


Michael T. Chester


Citizen Service: 

Keegan Mitchell

Mason Far


Unit Citation –International Student Safety: 

Yesim Karaman

Joey Sexauer


Incident Citation – Jolly Roger Roller Coaster:

Asst. Chief Bryant Bunting

Capt. Kathleen M. Hartley

Lt. Nicholas L. Kinhart

Timothy Peters

Christopher Gee

Stephen Twilley

Parker Shandrowsky

Timothy Jerscheid

Cory Brown

Garret Piel

Incident Citation – Lazy Lizard Victim Assist:

Asst. Chief Bryant D. Bunting

Capt. Trevor Steedman

Ret. Lt. Del Baker

Lt. Jeff Aperance

Lt. Connor Braniff

William Tilghman

Life Saving Commendation – Lazy Lizard Victim Save: 

Capt. Joshua J. Bunting III

Ryan L. Whittington

Robert D. Korb


Life Saving Commendation – 33rdStreet Water Rescue: 

Lt. Connor Braniff

Eric Olson

Matt James

Miguel Castanares

Michael Arbin


Incident Citation – 33rd Street Water Rescue: 

Capt. Doug Scott              Lt. John Fisher

Lt. David Peterson           Lt. Darrick Elliott

Lt. Jeff Aperance              Bryon Trimble

Russell Smith                     Colby Bunting

Daniel Ebling                      Heather White

Sean Sullivan                      Ryan Whittington

Dan Wills                              Bill Tilghman

Norman Bradford            Ward Kovac

Melissa Brown                  Vinnie Tomiselli


Sgt.Timothy Uebel

Sgt. Ben Davis

Sgt Jeffrey Brabitz

CC Kevin Johnson

CC Thomas Mechling

CC David Haight

CC Travis Sevier

CC Paul Vassalotti

CC Elizabeth Vander Clute

Asst. CC William Wilkinson

Asst. CC William Gray

Asst. Crew Chief Joshua Wilder

Asst. CC David Krabbe

SRT Omar Harmon

SRT Bryan McElwain

SRT Ian Alexander

SRT Christopher Brennan

SRT Cameron Shaw

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