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OceanCity.com’s Best of Ocean City MD Polls for 2013


OceanCity.com is asking for YOUR VOTES! 30 polls for the Best of Ocean City Maryland are listed below. YOU can determine which business wins in each of the 30 categories. Do you have a favorite seafood restaurant, surf shop, or charter fishing boat? Vote for your favorite Sports Bar or place to watch the sunset. You have 30 votes and there are businesses out there wanting to win! Please vote now!

OceanCity.com has revised our Best Of Ocean City survey this year to add more categories and to allow more voting. We have just completed the polls for all the categories and plan to print 15,000 – 20,000 pocket guides with all the winners to be available by Springfest 2013. These guides will include 3 winners per category (unless there are ties.) OceanCity.com’s professional restaurant reviewer will choose his favorite restaurant in each category. In addition, we have the Facebook polls below that will allow all Facebook users and forum members to vote. This will be the “People’s Favorite” winner. Finally, we are asking hotel front desk staff to give us their favorites. Because these are the people that give recommendations to Ocean City Maryland visitors every day, we thought they would be a great group to offer their opinions to you. OceanCity.com will be running our Best of Ocean City polls from now through April 15th. Please vote in all the polls to help us determine winners in each of the following categories.

If you don’t see your favorite business in any category, please add it.

If you want to gather votes for your favorite business, we can give you code to embed the polls on your site or on your Facebook page, just ask us. (You can email Ann at amh@maryland.com with the poll you want and where you want to put it and we will send you the code to help you gather votes.)

We look forward to announcing the winners for 2013 the first week in May!


We have listed all the polls so you can jump directly to your favorite poll, but we hope you scroll down and VOTE FOR ALL OF THEM!

REMEMBER, YOU ARE VOTING FOR THE BEST.  Please refrain from making negative comments about businesses in Ocean City.  If you don’t like a group,  don’t vote for them.  Thank you and HAVE FUN!!!


Best Breakfast:

Best Wings:

Best All-You-Can-Eat/Buffet:

Best Ethnic Food:

Best Crabcakes:

Best Crabs:

Best Raw Bar:

Best Waterfront Dining:

Best Dessert:

Best Ice Cream:

Best Seafood:

Best Pizza:

Best Sub Shop:

Best Fine Dining:

Best Coffee Shop:

Best BBQ:



Best Craft Beer:


Best Sports Bar:

Best Live Music:

Best Sunset:

Best Drinks:

Best Happy Hour Specials:

Best Bar Overall:

Best Daytime Entertainment at a bar:


Best Surf Shop:

Best Kayak Experience:

Best Jet-skiing:

Best Parasailing:

Best Miniature Golf:

Best Fishing Charter:


Ann McGinnis Hillyer
Ann McGinnis Hillyerhttps://www.oceancity.com
Ann has been with StateVentures since 1999. She graduated from Duke University, but still loves Maryland -- despite their withdrawal from the ACC. She has worked in marketing and strategic planning for decades, starting with an airline out of Dulles Airport. She moved from Annapolis to Berlin, MD to be closer to Ocean City. She She is based in Berlin, Maryland and can help any client build more business. She loves a camera and any excuse to use it. She also loves fishing and being out on a boat. Ann has two cool children who love the ocean as much as she does. Contact info: amh@maryland.com; 410-703-1970

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    • Thank you for your comment. We have happily added Fresco’s to the Fine Dining poll. Fresco’s had 6 write-in votes already under “other.” In some polls, businesses not listed are winning the polls. Therefore, please vote for your favorite business in each category. If you don’t see your favorite, please write it in. The businesses listed in each category are not set in stone. We have added new options in virtually every poll based on who is getting the most write-in votes. Thank you again for your suggestion.

  1. The survey takes too long, you should be able to cast all votes before you click on “vote” and look at the “results”. Also, how did the nominees get chosen?
    Thank you,
    Susan McHenry

    • Each survey is a separate survey which is why you have to vote for each one. You can choose to vote in all categories or if you don’t have time or the inclination to do that, you can skip to individual polls that are more interesting to you. The nominees were entered based on reports and data we have in each category — winners from last year, write-in votes, opinions from our experts. We have added new nominees based on write-in votes from this year. ALL votes will be counted, including those cast as write-in votes. Please identify your favorites either by voting for a named business or by writing in your vote. If that business gets the most votes, they will win the category. Thank you for you interest!


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