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Ocean City Transportation Overview


While enjoying your stay in Ocean City, Maryland it is crucial that you take advantage of all forms of transportation the town has to offer.  Whether you don’t feel like having to fight for a parking spot at the beach, you’re tired of walking the boardwalk, or you need a ride home from a night out, Ocean City has fantastic transportation to get you to your destination safely.


You don’t have to worry about fighting over parking spots or digging out your quarters to feed the parking meter when you “avoid the fuss, and take the bus.”  To ride the Ocean City buses from the Inlet to the Delaware state line it only costs $3 to ride all day.  All day; as many times as you want!  The buses run 24/7 and bus stops are located just about every other street. These buses travel down to the Transit Center on South Division Street off of Philadelphia Avenue, to the Transit Center on 144th Street. If you have any questions regarding the Ocean City buses and their routes, please call the Transportation Department at 410-723-1606.  All buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and anyone ADA eligible may call Transportation for at home pick-ups.


If you’re staying just outside of Ocean City and don’t feel like bothering with traffic, take advantage of the Park and Ride.  Located just west of the Rt. 50 drawbridge, the Park and Ride provides visitors with over 700 free parking spaces.  Park your car in the lot all day and ride the shuttle bus into town or to the factory outlets in West Ocean City for just $1 per person.

The shuttle bus transports its passengers to either the South Division Street Transit Center in town, or to the Ocean City Factory Outlets in West Ocean City.  If you plan on riding the shuttle bus throughout the season, coupon books are also available.  The books include 20 shuttle ride tickets for just $15.  Coupon books are available at City Hall on 3rd St. (410-289-8221).

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After a long day of fun you may be tired of standing, or you may just want a leisurely ride.  The Boardwalk Tram is an experience you have to try.  It’s the best way to experience the life of the boardwalk. The tram operates up and down the entire length of the boardwalk from the Inlet to 27th St.; that’s 3 miles of boardwalk scenery. The Boardwalk Tram makes stops along the boardwalk to load and unload passengers, so you can get on or off anytime you would like.  Fares for the tram are subject to change so be sure to go to the tram station or ask the tram conductor how to receive a tram ticket.  Although the tram runs every day throughout the summer, it is common for it not to run during inclement weather due to

safety precautions.  For further questions please contact Transportation at 410-723-1606.

 photo courtesy of oceancitymd.gov.


There are many taxi companies who offer their services throughout Ocean City, that are available 24/7, 365 days a year that will gladly drive you wherever you need to go.  It is important that you take advantage of these services at any point you need them.  While there are many taxis you may see driving through town while staying in Ocean City, click here to see a list. 


If you happen to be flying into town or are meeting someone who is flying into town there are two airports in the nearby area.  The Ocean City Airport is just 3 miles away from town in West Ocean City, off of Rt. 611 on Airport Road.  There are private planes arriving and departing daily.  A number of accommodations are available at the airport from car rentals, plane rides, skydiving instructions and taxi services.  The Ocean City Airport runs 7 days a week, year round. There is also the Salisbury/Ocean City/Regional Airport, which is located about 30 minutes from town just east of Salisbury off of Rt. 50.  US Airways offers flights to Philadelphia and Charlotte regularly.  To make reservations for a flight please call 410-548-4827.

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