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Ocean City SpringFest headline tickets now on sale

It’s never too early to start planning for Springfest, and luckily an announcement that may have fallen by the wayside under the crush of Black Friday advertising was caught in our net. It seems the town began sales of tickets to the annual Springfest concert event this Friday past.

Now, of course the headline acts are just that but they aren’t the only things going on during Springfest. Food, crafts and four days of excitement lie in wait for everyone once the spring thaw comes. Of course, since we haven’t seen the freeze yet there are certainly some thinking this premature. However, if you want to ensure your place to see the headline acts now is a pretty good time to get the jump on the competition.
Appearing this year (in the order they are listed on Ocean City’s official website) are: The Fabulous Hubcaps, Loretta Lynn, Eddie Money and Survivor. This is subject to change of course, since there is plenty of space between here and there, but even if a replacement becomes necessary the town does a pretty good job of finding suitable acts.
Ticketmaster is handling the heavy-lifting duties for ticket purchases online and via telephone, plus they have the seating chart so there’s a thing. But, if you’re closer to home for the event you can pick up yours at the Roland E. Powell Convention Center in person during normal business hours.
The Hubcaps play on Thursday night, May 3 beginning at 7 p.m. and tickets are between $5-$10. They’re a perennial favorite in Ocean City entertainment having played a number of times over the years.
Country legend Loretta Lynn hits the stage Friday night at 8 p.m. and her ticket prices range between $25 and $55. If you don’t know who she is then she’s probably not for you, but for those who have been following her for so many years this is a nice intimate opportunity to see her perform.
Eddie Money and Survivor are closing out SpringFest as a single show with a price of between $20 and $45 for both starting at 8 p.m. on Saturday. Aficionados of the 1980’s won’t need any descriptions for this lot, and they should be able to put on a memorable show.
But these performances add to yet don’t completely encapsulate the SpringFest experience. There will be live entertainment every day for free and plenty of other things to see and do in Ocean City during the May weekend.
And even besides the normal SpringFest events, most if not all of the Ocean City restaurants have reopened, and you just know the Ocean City hotels will be taking reservations during this time. SpringFest is the perfect way to welcome warmer weather and we’re always glad of that.
It really isn’t ever too early to make those getaway plans, and SpringFest is a great event for that early summer sabbatical after a long winter’s nap. And, bonus, if these acts are something you’ve had an interest in for years, well the money’s practically spent now isn’t it? We’re not yet through winter but spring is always foremost on our minds around these parts, and since we don’t miss much we’re passing it on to our very favorite people.     

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