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Ocean City Oddities: A Photo Journey of OC’s South End Through the Decades

Often referred to as the heart and hub of town, Ocean City’s “South End” at the Inlet has been hosting families and making memories for well over a century. It’s gone through many major changes through the years but it’s proven to never disappoint those who venture down to take in the exciting lights, memorable sounds and nostalgic smells of the most southern few blocks of town.

Enjoy a virtual journey back through the decades of Ocean City’s famous boardwalk at the South End.


Early 1920s, prior to when the pier building burned down in December, 1925.


The day after the storm of 1933. Jester’s Funhouse and the old Capitol Theatre can be clearly seen here.
Late 1930s


1940s, shortly after Trimper’s Inlet Lodge was built.


1950s in front of Marty’s Playland.
1950s – A view of the boardwalk buildings that now house Inlet Gifts, Trimper’s Haunted House, and several games.
1950s – Rare view of the lot that now houses Trimper’s Rides. Back then, many small buildings stood on the property behind Trimper’s Merry-Go-Round building.
July 1958 – Looking east from the Oceanic Motel. Granville Trimper’s Eli Ferris Wheel can be seen in the distance.


October 1965 (Baltimore Sun Archives)
1960s – Marty’s Playland
1960s – Marty’s Playland
Late 1960s
1962 – Flooding on the boardwalk from the Storm of 1962.
Mid 1960s (Baltimore Sun Archives)
April 1967 – The second story apartments are being constructed on the boardwalk front.
July 1967
March 1968
March 1968


1970s – Marty’s Playland
Mid 1970s
Late 1970s
December 1978 – Finishing touches are being put on the newly-relocated Ocean City Life-Saving Station Museum at the inlet. The building was dedicated on Christmas Day of 1978. (Baltimore Sun Archives)


Early 1980s
Mid 1980s – Water Flume and YoYo
1983 – Inlet Lodge
Mid 1980s
Late 1980s


1990s – Marty’s Playland
Mid 1990s
Late 1990s – Boardwalk replacement.

All historical photos are property of their respective owners and are being featured for viewing purposes only.

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  1. So many wonderful memories going to OC as a 90s kid. I really enjoyed looking at the history.
    Youtube: Scarlett Emerald

  2. My wife and I vacationed in Ocean City for our first wedding anniversary in the summer of 1982. When entering town, we heard on the radio that The Guess Who came down from Canada and was making a free guest appearance at a restaurant/bar that had a big outside deck in preparation for their 1982 or 1983 U.S. tour. We found the venue and was treated to the most intimate concert on a beautiful day. I cannot remember the name of that venue. Does anyone know where this took place? I would be extremely grateful for any help!

  3. Ann,Kristin WOW that was such a cool blast from the past, well done and loved it,keep up the great work.

  4. Great picts, including a few I have not seen before!.
    One fix – Your first picture is labeled as the 1930s, but you can roll it back and start your timeline even earlier! It is from 1925 or earlier as it shows the old pier building which burned in December 1925. Also, your first 1960’s picture is likely from 1964 as it shows both the new Coast Guard Station and pier rides, both of which arrived in 1964.
    I’ve enjoyed the recent articles.


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