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Ocean City, Maryland Public Access


Ocean City, Maryland Public Access and Facilities


All public restrooms are handicap accessible.  Changing of clothing in these bathrooms is prohibited.

-Transit Center, South Division Street
-Boardwalk at Worcester Street
-Boardwalk at Caroline Street
-3rd Street and St. Louis Avenue, next to Skate Park
-Boardwalk at 9th Street
-Boardwalk at 27th Street
-Park and Ride off Rt. 50
-Transit Center, 144th Street


Once finished at the beach, you’ll want to get all the sand off before heading to your car or hotel.  Some hotels provide a shower for their guests near the rear entrance to the building, but there are a few public showers directly off of the beach.

-Caroline Street- 4 showers
-Inlet Beach- 4 showers
-9th Street- 2 showers

-Inlet Park, Downtown OC at OC Inlet
-Chicago Avenue Boardwalk, bayside (3rd Street)
-9th Street Pier, bayside
-Northside Park, 125th Street, bayside
-Convention Center Park, 40th Street, bayside

-Assateague Island Park, Rt. 611 at Assateague Island Bridge
-Gum Point Road off Rt. 589, West Ocean City
-OC Commercial Harbor, 12806 Sunset Avenue, West Ocean City

Ocean City provides its patrons with:
-ADA Paratransit Service
-Curb-to-curb bus services for those who meet ADA eligibility requirements.  Call the Department of Transportation at 410-723-1606 to schedule a pick up, but be sure to schedule your pick up one business day ahead.


irs are very hard to move in the sand, so Ocean City provides beach wheelchairs at certain locations from Memorial Day to Labor Day to make the beach easily accessible for those in need of a wheelchair.  These wheelchairs are available on a first-come, first-serve basis between 10:00am and 5:00pm and can be used one block north or south of where the wheelchair is kept.

You may ask the attending Beach Patrol lifeguard for assistance, and all wheelchairs must be returned to said lifeguard by 5:00pm.  But these chairs are not to be used in the water, and only to be used on the beach.  

The locations of these wheelchairs tend to change depending on availability.  You may also reserve a beach wheelchair for single or multi-day use at the Ocean City Police Department (410-723-6610, 65th St., bayside) or at the Ocean City Visitors Center in the Convention Center (410-723-8610, 40th St., bayside).

Donations are accepted to help purchase more wheelchairs.  For more information, please call 410-723-8610.

Parking is free in any space with a handicap tag, excluding the Inlet Lot.  In the Inlet Lot, handicap parking is free for the first 90 minutes.

Handicap Wheelchair Locations:
Inlet Beach/Lot
Somerset Street
Talbot Street
N. Division Street
7th Street
12th Street
25th Street
27th Street
30th Street
35th Street
37th Street
40th Street
48th Street
59th Street
70th Street
81st Street
89th Street
94th Street
107th Street
120th Street
130th Street
139th Street
145th Street


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