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Ocean City Hotel, Motel, and Accommodations Overview

Ocean City has over 100 hotels and motels,  500 rental apartment/condo buildings, homes, apartments, and even a mobile home park.  The range is from the most luxurious suites with sweeping ocean views to the basic efficiency apartment.  Many of the hotel rooms have small kitchenettes and, of course, all of the condos you can rent have full kitchens.  If you like to eat out, there are over 150 options! To help you decide where you want to stay, OceanCity.com has broken down your options, first by geography.  Although the island is relatively small and you can get anywhere by car or bus, where you stay on the island will help determine the course of your vacation.  We will mention West Ocean City as a location as well since it is closer to Assateague.

West Ocean City

If you like it a little quieter, love access to some of the great dining and bar options in West Ocean City without fighting traffic, and don’t mind a drive to the beach, West Ocean City offers some hotel options.  Let me mention the dining and bar options before I go into the hotels:  Sunset Grille with it’s newly opened rooftop bar area overlooking Sunset Marina is fabulous.  The Harborside with its music and  live entertainment offers a fabulous afternoon with orange crushes and the best margaritas in town.  They also have wonderful seafood dining options. Several other popular bars are also located in West Ocean City and the ONLY free standing Starbuck’s is located off of Elm Street and Route 50. Now for the West Ocean City Hotels and Motels:

  • Bedtime Inn
  • Comfort Suites Ocean City
  • Francis Scott Key Family Resort

Downtown Area:

Downtown equals the Boardwalk and if you haven’t seen or visited Ocean City’s award winning boardwalk, you won’t understand until you get here.  (Check out the OceanCity.com Boardwalk Guide for more information.)  If you want nearby entertainment, access to the arcades, amusement parks, roller coaster, haunted house, Thrasher’s Fries, Dumser’s, Fisher’s Popcorn, the Frog Bar, Harrison’s Harbor Watch with it’s raw bar, or any of the other myriad shopping, entertainment, and dining venues, then downtown is where you want to stay.  The famous Christian sand sculptures started by Randy Hofman are located along the Boardwalk at 2nd Street and have been there for over 20 years.  There are play structures in the sand for kids, the Play It Safe volleyball tournaments are also located in this area.  Most of the Town’s free concerts are in this area.  Sunset Park on the bayside is also downtown as are Somerset Park and the Beach Patrol Offices.  The Coast Guard center is on the inlet on the bayside. There are many hotels, motels, and apartments in this area of Ocean City and even a few condos.  Starting with the Oceanic which is an older two story brick hotel right on the Ocean City inlet.  If you like to fish or watch storms roll in or the fishing boats cruise out, this is the perfect small hotel.  I hear that the General Manager is beloved by many of her guests — some of whom actually offered to come to Ocean City and help batten down the hotel in preparation for the hurricane last year!  You can find luxury properties like the Hilton or Courtyard by Marriott, great family or romantic getaway hotels like the Grand or Holiday Inns, or fun small hotels with great decks overlooking the Boardwalk like the Safari.  The Park Place Hotel is family owned and gets some of the highest traveler reviews for hotels in Ocean City.  Check out the Ocean City Hotel Guide to help you sort hotels by location and amenity.  You can also compare prices and specials by booking online.  You can save money with the FREE COUPONS YOU GET WITH YOUR RESERVATION by going to OceanCity.com’s online reservations system.

Ocean City Downtown Area Hotels, Motels, Apartments, and B&Bs

Here is a list of many of the accommodations options in the Downtown area — Inlet to 28th St.

  • Admiral Hotel & Motel
  • Albright’s Motel & Efficiencies
  • Ambassador Motor Inn
  • Atlantic Hotel
  • Atlantic House B&B
  • Beach Walk Hotel
  • Boardwalk One
  • Breakers Hotel
  • Buckingham Hotel
  • Burgundy Inn & Apartments
  • Coastal Inn
  • Commander Hotel
  • Comfort Inn Boardwalk
  • Courtyard by Marriott
  • Crystal Beach Motel
  • Crystal Sands Motel
  • Days Inn Oceanfront
  • Dunes Manor (just off the Boardwalk at 28th)
  • Dunes  Motel
  • Flagship Oceanfront
  • Grand Hotel and Spa
  • Harrison Hall Hotel
  • Haven Hotel
  • Holiday Inn & Suites
  • Hotel Monte Carlo
  • Howard Johnson Oceanfront Inn
  • Howard Johnson Oceanfront Plaza
  • Inlet Lodge
  • Inn on the Ocean B&B
  • King Charles Hotel
  • Lambros & Hampton House Apartments
  • Lankford Hotel & Lodge
  • Madison Beach Motel
  • Majestic Hotel
  • Nock Apartments
  • OC Apartments
  • Ocean Manor
  • Ocean Mecca Hotel
  • Oceanic Motel
  • Paradise Plaza Inn
  • Park Place Hotel
  • Parrot Bay
  • Parrot Lagoon Motels
  • Phillips Beach Plaza Hotel
  • Plim Plaza Hotel
  • Quality Inn Boardwalk
  • Rideau Motor Inn
  • Safari Motel
  • Sahara Motel
  • Seabonay Motel
  • Sea Breeze Motel
  • Shoreham Hotel
  • Sleep Inn & Suites
  • Spinnaker Motel
  • Surf Villa
  • Talbot Inn
  • Tidelands Caribbean

Mid-town Area — The end of the Boardwalk (27/28th St.  to the Route 90  Bridge at 61st St.)

Mid-town offers quieter stays, but quicker access to the many famous Bars and Restaurants in Ocean City.   The Boardwalk is still close, however, so access is easy.  The Convention Center is the hub of a lot of activity in Ocean City and is located at 40th St.   If you don’t want the noise and activity of the Boardwalk, you want to be close to Seacrets or the Convention Center, Mid-Town is a good choice. Here is a list of some of your hotel options, including the new Hampton Inn at 43rd and the luxurious Hilton Suites at 32nd Street with its outdoor pool and Starbucks.

  • Atlantic Oceanfront Inn
  • Barefoot Mailman Motel
  • Best Western OC Hotel & Suites
  • Castle in the Sand Hotel
  • The Edge
  • Executive Motel
  • Flamingo Motel
  • Hilton Suites Oceanfront
  • Lighthouse Club
  • Maridel Motel (immediately north of the Convention Center)
  • Princess Bayside Hotel (next to Seacrets)
  • Quality Inn Oceanfront
  • Quality Inn and Suites Ocean City
  • Rodeway Inn Oceanfront
  • Seabay Hotel
  • Seacrets Hotel
  • Sun-n-Fun Motel
  • Thunderbird Beach Motel

Uptown Area — from 62nd St. to the Delaware Line

This area is known as “condo row” and has hotels and motels, but also many high-rise condo buildings.  It is more family oriented.  The beach is quieter and little is within walking distance unless you like a few of the restaurants near your hotel or condo building.  Some of the more popular activities like ice-skating and ice-skating shows with Dorothy Hamill, the sports fields of Northside Park, Sundaes in the Park, a free weekend activity provided by the Town of OC.  Free movies were held all summer long at the Princess Royale and the Carousel.  The Clarion offers luxury and great dining — as well as great views of the ocean from their restaurant and fabulous beach tunes on the deck at Lenny’s.   The Original Greene Turtle is in this area as well as access to the golf courses in Delaware, the shopping in Rehoboth, and some of the other Delaware Beach activities.  By gaining access to this area across the Route 90 bridge, you will save some of your traffic woes by avoiding downtown Ocean City.  You can always leave your car in the lot where you have mostly free parking and take the bus downtown to visit the Boardwalk. A list of some of the Ocean City uptown properties follows:

  • Bonita Beach Hotel
  • Carousel Resort Hotel & Condos
  • Cayman Suites
  • Clarion Resort Fontainebleau Hotel
  • Comfort Inn Gold Coast
  • Fenwick Inn
  • Holiday Inn Express
  • Holiday Inn Oceanfront
  • Marigot Beach Condos
  • Princess Royale Beachfront Resort
  • Tides Motel

Vacation Rentals:

To see a list of possible vacation rentals — most are condos, but a few are houses — please go to the OceanCity.com rental guide.

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