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Ocean City

The Ocean City Boardwalk


The Ocean City Boardwalk

Ocean City, Maryland takes great pride in its boardwalk.  To many who frequent the area on vacation, as well as locals, the boardwalk is seen as an architectural icon.  It features many businesses that thrive in the summer months as well as amusements like arcades and rides that are fun for all ages.  The boardwalk is home to the delicious pizza from Tony’s Pizza and the phenomenal cheese filled pretzels from the Wrapper.  No one can resist a trip to the boardwalk on his or her visit to Ocean City; in fact some people spend every evening they have in Ocean City on the boardwalk.  It’s because there is so much action and excitement to be had.  There is something different to do every night!
The Ocean City boardwalk once served as a convenient walkway between oceanfront hotels back in the early 1900’s.  When high tide rolled in it was easy to roll up the boards and place them on the back porches of hotels.  It’s definitely expanded!  But it didn’t expand fast.  In the 1950’s, visitors didn’t venture above 15th Street because they believed that that is where Ocean City ended.

The permanent promenade was constructed in 1962 after a damaging storm raged through the city in March of that same year.  Now the boardwalk stretches 3 miles long, running south to the Inlet and north to 27th Street.  The boardwalk is great for walking, running, or even bike riding early in the morning.  It’s a perfect way to start the day.  Don’t worry if you didn’t bring your bike with you on vacation, there are numerous bike rental shops up and down the boardwalk.  


One thing’s for certain about the boardwalk…no one will go home hungry when leaving at the end of your day.  The boards are lined with many places to feast.  You can get a quick bite to eat at places like Thrasher’s where you can get those delicious hand cut fries drenched in vinegar (it’s the only correct way to eat them).  Or there are other places for quick food like the Atlantic Stand.  Grab a burger and fries and enjoy.  There is also Love’s, The Wrapper and even Dough Roller that all serve meals you can order to go.
If you are looking for sit down restaurants on the boardwalk, there are plenty of those as well.  Grab a pulled chicken or pork sandwich at Bull on the Beach, or a slice of pizza from the Dough Roller.  Get a taste of Ireland from Shenanigan’s, or grab a seat at Brass Balls Saloon.  You can grab a bite anywhere and it will quench your craving for whatever it is you want.
When you’re finished eating, you might want to take a look in the many shops on the Ocean City boardwalk.  There are so many souvenir shops along the strip you are sure to find something to take home to our friends, as well as something to have as a keepsake to remember your trip to Ocean City.  
Make sure you don’t leave the boardwalk without satisfying that sweet tooth!  Candy Kitchen, Wockenfuss Candies and Dolle’s all have treats that will blow you away.  From saltwater taffy, to caramel popcorn, you’re sure to find something you’ll enjoy.

When walking the southern half of the boardwalk it is common to hear screams and shrieks coming from Trimper’s Rides and Amusements.  Trimper’s features rides for the whole family, no matter what age.  There are roller coasters, Ferris wheels, bumper cars and even an antique carousel.  The carousel in Trimper’s Rides and Amusements is as old as the boardwalk itself, and is still in great working condition.  Be sure to ride it before you leave!

Not only are there Trimper’s Rides and Amusements, but also the rides on the pier run by Jolly Rogers are just as amusing!  From haunted fun houses to spinning and dancing cars, you’re sure to have a fun time.
As you walk the boardwalk, you’ll notice a wide variety of people performing.  There are magicians, musicians and impersonators to entertain you as you sh
op, eat and enjoy. On Wednesday nights the city provides the public with free concerts on the beach at North Division Street. In addition, there are free movies on the beach and Family Beach Olympics that take place on 27
th Street on selected evenings.  
Along with the restaurants, shops and amusements up and down the Ocean City boardwalk, there are numerous hotels, motels and condos you can stay in while visiting Ocean City.  Staying in one of these places allows you the advantage of having a greater access of the boardwalk and puts you right in the center of the downtown action.  
If you are coming to Ocean City from Rt. 50, you’re sure to see the boardwalk right away on North Division Street.  It serves as a welcoming mat for you.  Welcome!



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