OC Air Show 2013: No Blue Angels, No Problem

OC Air Show 2013: No Blue Angels, No Problem

For years the Blue Angels have headlined the OC Air Show with their amazing aviation aerobatics.  Earlier in the year, however, the world’s most famous flight team cancelled its remaining tour dates for 2013, leaving the future of the OC Air Show in question.  After losing his main attraction because of federal budget cuts, producer Brian Lilly scrambled to pull the show out of a potential downward spiral and made sure it would not only go on as scheduled,  but also uphold the tradition of adrenaline pumping excitement that has come to be expected from the OC Air Show in its 6 years of existence.

For the first time ever, the 2013 show will feature an all civilian line-up as Captains Art Nalls of the Sea Harrier and Captain Chuck Aaron of the Red Bull stunt helicopter touchdown in Ocean City, Maryland to headline the extravaganza in place of the celebrated military unit.  The Blue Angels have set a high standard at the OC Air Show over the years, but if any group of pilots is capable of reaching, or even eclipsing, their efforts, this is it.  Nalls is a former Marine test pilot known for runwayless takeoffs, and pure speed, as his Sea Harrier can race through the sky at upwards of 600 mph.  Aaron is the country’s only helicopter pilot licensed to do inverted tricks and will perform jaw-dropping flips and rolls that are usually reserved for jets, and Red Bull commercials.

If the headliners aren’t enough to get your heart racing and eyes looking skyward, the 2013 OC Air Show will include many other gravity-defying displays to keep the crowd captivated, including stunt teams, synchronized flight formations, and parachute jumps.  Scheduled for takeoff include the Raiders Stunt Team, GEICO Skytypers, and Lucas Oil Parachute team, as well as demos by an L39 jet, YAK-9 Fighter plane, and the ANG MXS stunt plane.

Spectators need not be discouraged by the cancellation of the Blue Angels, in fact, the deployment of these all-star civilian stuntmen in their place provides the potential for an exhilarating event that could see the 2013 OC Air Show to soar heights it’s never been before. This is more than just stunt filled show, it is an awe-inspiring experience.  The action starts at 1pm on June 8 and can be viewed for free from the beach and boardwalk.  Premium passes and rooftop tickets are also available for those looking for the enhance their air show seats.

Please check out facebook.com/ocfun throughout the weekend for pictures and updates live from the event.

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