Nick Tribuno Photography

Nick Tribuno Photography

Name: Nick Tribuno


Age: 19


Background: I’m originally from Baltimore and moved to Worcester County area with my family when I was 8 years old. I got into photography because my dad was a photographer back in the day and I stumbled across his 35mm pentax k-1000 while looking through his portfolio. I messed around with that camera for a couple months before getting my first DSLR and now I try to shoot whenever I can.


Types of photography: Skateboarding, Surfing, Landscape and Id like to someday try shooting a concert.


Type of equipment: Main set up for surf photos… Canon t3i, Canon 70-300mm f 4 and a battery pack. Main set up for anything else… Canon t3i with Canon 18-55mm f 2.8 a Pentax 50mm 1.2 with a canon eos mount converter and a Bower 8mm f 3.5 fisheye.


Favorite thing about Worcester County to photograph in general: I don’t get a chance to shoot at Assatuegue island very much but when I do I definitely enjoy it. But id say the beach in general is cool to shoot at especially in the winter when there are big waves and no one else around.

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