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Nick Tribuno on the Dew Tour

We sat down with Nick Tribuno and asked him his thoughts on the Dew Tour in Ocean City.  Here is what he had to say:

Nick Tribuno (profession Ocean City area photographer)…

“Living in the town that has hosted the dew tour for the past 3 years is a pretty cool thing.  Being able to walk over the 50 bridge then walking up to the boardwalk and being able to see the huge ramps is also a pretty cool thing.  The coolest aspect of it all though is how the athletes, whether they be professional bmx riders or pro skaters, is that mostly all of them hang out on the boardwalk after the competition.  Thursday was the first day I was able to make it.  At that time there wasn’t that much going on, but it was still so cool to see the builders making some last minute adjustments on the site itself.  It is a pretty amazing set up.  Friday is the day that the competition really heated up.  The first event I shot was the bmx semi-finals.  I went to the Dew Tour every year since they’ve been coming to Ocean City, but I’ve never been able to see bmx park because its always been during the times that I’ve had other engagements.   I was very happy with some of the photos I got and over all I think the bmx park had the best set up for press because we were so close.  We could actually feel the wind off the riders as they rode by only feet away.  On Saturday the main event was the vert final.  I got to the media area about 20 minutes before the event so I could be close to the action.  Standing only 5 feet way from the ramp I was able to hear everything all of the competitors were saying.  A really interesting thing I experienced was to seeing how NBC prepared everything to be ready for the live broadcast.  I’d say my favorite part of the vert contest was at the end.  Reason being, all the press was aloud to go onto the ramp and get very close to the podium during the award ceremony.  With all of Saturdays events wrapped up and Maryland’s own Bucky Laisik winning 1st place in the vert competition, I headed back over the bridge to make my way back home for the day.

Sunday morning my alarm was set for 11 a.m. so I was certain I’d be able to get up there before any events started. Although it didn’t do much because I had been up since 7 waiting to go because I knew the bmx final was going to be insane and it did not disappoint.

All in all I’d say my experience was awesome.  I hope you guys enjoy the photos”


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