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Need a two-ton press dewatering channel?

Need a two-ton Rotary Press 48-inch dewatering channel to put in the garage? How about three-inch mug-hog pump? Not to mention a 1999 Ford F150 truck.

But as the perky advertorial voice on late night television will gladly tell us, “Wait, there’s more.”

For a song, there are plenty of computer printers, panel monitors and CD cases. Make contact now, and there are a few tape dispensers, a centrifugal trash pump and even diabetic test strips.

Chances are, however, you won’t want that dewatering device, which is used in wastewater processing. What’s it do? Don’t ask.

Still, all of this, plus many, many more items that are worn out or are unneeded have been made available and for sale by the Town of Ocean City.

Much of it is listed on govdeals.com.

Catrice L. Parsons, Ocean City’s Service Center administrator procurement manager is our own local answer for “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure.”

So you don’t need the five fire hydrants listed on govdeals.com at this particular time, but there is certainly something else.

This reporter had his eye on one of the bright red Honda Beach Patrol vehicles. Parked in the city’s 65th Street facilities are examples of what Ocean City has decided to sell.

Parsons said that in recent years, some three quarters of a million dollars worth of old stuff has been sold by the city and put back into the city’s coffers to buy new equipment.

“Everything sells,” said Parsons. “Some of items look fine and run fine. They might have traces of rust and that gets them put on our list.”

Equipment comes from all over city government, ranging from the construction division to the police department to Beach Patrol to wastewater operations to IT.

Some buyers purchase items not to reuse in any way, but for the value of its scrap.

“People can come in and buy something like a scooter,” she said. “And many disassemble them and use them for parts. We’ll list anything. We typically list something twice.”

She added that by the time an item reaches her, it has been determined by a department manager that the item is no longer “fit for use.” But some of these items have been in service for 5-10 years, she added, and it’s just time to replace them.”

Indeed, the Ocean City Beach Patrol ATVs in the parking lot looked good enough to hit the sand again, but Parsons honed in on the rust and corrosion underneath.

Each city department, she said, goes through a budget and approval process, and part of that incudes needs for new equipment. It will then be determined if a piece of equipment is salvageable or needs to be sold.

Parsons, a Salisbury resident, puts together an updated list every quarter.

“I want to make sure that these items are not just sitting around the impound lot for a great deal of time,” she said.

Parsons, who has the letters “CPSM” next to her name, is also an adjunct professor in Management and Marketing at Salisbury University. CPSM stands for Certified Professional in Supply Management.

This is hardly a matter of getting rid of stuff the city no longer wants. Indeed, Parsons knows that much of her inventory such as electronics has value in some manner even for electronics recyclers. Some of these items, she said she teaches her Salisbury University students, have value from “cradle to grave.”

“After it’s met its useful life, a piece of equipment can be repurposed in so many different ways.”

She said some of these discards have valuable glass and metals that can be recycled and used again. Many buyers want these items only for their recycle value.

As far as police and fire equipment is concerned, Parsons said some of those items are unavailable on the open market.

“The best thing about all of this is that Ocean City is making every dollar count,” she said. “We are always asking ourselves what can we do to be environmentally responsible with what we sell. And in two and a half years, we’ve sold $750,000 worth of equipment.”

Oh, and by the way, does anyone want to buy a good used fire hydrant? Ocean City still has five listed for sale.

Fifty bucks apiece and they are yours.


Catrice Parsons with beach patrol used equipment for sale.

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