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My quick tips for beginners

Brian Stoehr’ Surf Tip

Equipment is everything!  If you are wanting to learn how to surf, the right size board is the key to making sure you have a good time.  In short, the bigger the board, the wider the board and the thicker the board the easier it is to get up.  Learn the right way, start out on a larger board and slowly make your way onto a smaller, more maneuverability board.  You have to crawl before you can walk.

Brian Stoehr’ Bodyboard Tip

The first and most basic trick you can do on a bodyboard is a 360 spin.  Once riding a wave, slide forward on the board, pick your feet up out of the water and drop one of your hands in the water.  If you are far enough forward on the board and your feet arent dragging in the water your hand will act as a rudder and spin you in a circle.

Brian Stoehr’s Paddleboard Tip

Paddle board is simple if you keep in mind your center of gravity.  Most people get on a board and expect it to be harder than it is.  If you keep in mind that you weight has to be distributed equally on both feet you can really keep the board very stable.  Once on board, just stay comfortable and enjoy yourself.  Everyone worries so much about falling and if you think about it too much, your going down.  Keep in mind, its just water.


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