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The Music Scene Ocean City, MD


The Music Scene Ocean City, MD


In addition to a wide array of culinary delights, Ocean City is also filled with an extremely talented group of local musicians, some of which have entertained and earned fans from all over the globe, and all of which carry a unique style all their own.  

From the raucous rock-n-roll of Lower Class Citizens, an in your face quartet who turn their amps up to 11, to the rootsy Americana vibe created by the Electric Company, there are numerous great artists and entertainers to take pleasure in while you are Ocean City.

Bryan Russo’s songs have been heard worldwide on radio, film, and television. His stompy blues music is accompanied by an incredibly soulful voice and thought provoking lyrics.

If reggae music is your thing, be sure to check out Kaleb Brown while you are in town. He lives and breathes the Rasta lifestyle and it emerges from his music and his songs.

And of course there are always bands that take existing genres and fuse them together to create a sound so unique to anything else out there. This is evident in the surf-punk created by the Phantom Limbs, and the funk-a-billy sounds of the Galaxy Collective.

And lets not forget that Ocean City hosts any number of national and regional performances from all over the world throughout the summer season, but if you miss the artist, you can still catch some entertainers who play their songs at spots all over town each and every night.

From the masterful acoustic duo Opposite Directions, to well known country singer Randy Lee Ashcraft, there are a large assortment of fantastic cover acts that will play your favorite songs while you cruise through your vacation.

Ocean City can most certainly offer you the sights and also the sounds of your vacation memories for the future. All you have to do is head out on the town and open your ears. You might even find your new favorite band, or maybe you’ll just hear your favorite song with a new twist. Now go enjoy a show and support Ocean City’s local music! 

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