Much To Show and Little to Show For it

To all you stumbling onto this column my posts may sometimes seem erratic, convoluted, and occasionally lacking any organization whatsoever.  That is all going to change as the structure and direction take true shape.  Saving cash is my mission and as a struggling college student my budget is being tested and pressed daily here in OC.  I manage to succeed through intimacy.  No, I don’t mean anything scandalous, I mean the intimate knowledge I have of OC.  New clips of the Malibu’s Summer Classic Surf Contest and the free weekend at Assateague are on their way (dropping tomorrow?).  

For play by play deals and dealings follow the tweets or check ocfun twitter account.  I’m tired, but it looks like i may head out to see Greenjeans at Paddock or up to Fager’s DeckParty.

Until tomorrow,


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