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Summer is coming back, are you?

No one really uses presses anymore in a way that they would have to be stopped. But if they did, I would say this:

Stop! The ! Presses!

Summer is coming back for a brief appearance this weekend and if you don’t already have plans, how about one more dip in the ocean or drink out on the balcony before you finish that Christmas shopping you’ve been putting off?

Your face here….

Holiday Inn Suites

I’m originally from New Jersey and so I love the winter Boardwalk because it makes me feel as if I’m in a Bruce Springsteen song. But there is something else afoot here this week, a kind of buzz that only comes with the promise of warmer weather.

As a North-easterner, I’ll admit to having an affinity for the cold. I love the way my cheeks smell after a walk down the beach in the brisk weather; that crisp and nearly metallic “I’ve been out in the world” aura that follows me into the car. I don’t mind being out and taking photos during that weather.

Today, however, I was doing doing double duty, working on my Happy Hour Adventures column and also snapping up some dusk photos (and videos) on the beach when I had a little twinge of regret. I didn’t get an official last day on the beach.

The point of no (desire to) return

Crossing the dunes can be a transformative experience.
Crossing the dunes can be a transformative experience.

I work in Ocean City and I don’t wanna seem too spoiled about it, but usually our family has a big to-do for our last “official” trip to the beach. For my out of town friends, it goes something like this:

School is back in and my wife and kids have had a mediocre week. Wednesday or so we decide that, if we survive until Friday we’ll spend Saturday at the beach before the weather turns. This “last” day always comes with the tacit understanding that we’ll catch a break again sometime before the water gets too cold in October and have ourselves a bonus day. This year neither of those things happened.

Listen to the waves one more time

Summer is coming back
They look way cooler in person…

We didn’t have a last official day at the beach. Instead, life got too crazy and out last day at the beach turned out to have come and gone essentially by accident. We didn’t even have our night of Skee Ball and unapologetically tacky prize to display on our porch “Skee Ball Prize” shelf.

Catch a beach sunset, again

holiday inn sunset
This time of year, it’s like you own the place.

Fortunately, it looks as if we’ll get a final opportunity. There is plenty to do in town this weekend, but I think I’m going to take my last opportunity to lay in the sun and pretend it still is September. Maybe I’ll even wade in. I don’t wanna get too ad-y about it, but if you’re an out-of-towner and had the presence of mind to put up your Christmas decorations last weekend, you can get rooms really, really, really cheap. Plus, there always is the Winterfest of Lights to catch. You can have the best of both worlds this weekend. And you only live once.

Alternatively, you can make it a day trip if you’re not too far away. Many of the Boardwalk shops will still be open and you, like me, can treat yourself to a do over of any final summer fling of 2016 you might have missed out on.

Revised Dec. 2016

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